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10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

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Welcome to a world where color knows no bounds, and beauty is redefined with every brush stroke. The makeup trends of this season are all about expressing individuality and fearlessness. From vibrant hues to bold applications, it’s time to explore makeup that makes a statement and tells a story. Here’s a roundup of ten stunning makeup trends that are as daring as they are delightful.

Vibrant Vision: The Color-Blocked Eyelids

Funky Makeup Inspo 1 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

In a stunning display of vivid colors and flawless complexion, this look features a model with color-blocked eyelids that demand attention. The juxtaposition of bold, pigmented eyeshadows against her luminous skin creates a modern and playful vibe.

Recreate the Magic:

  • Prep and Prime: Start with an eyeshadow primer to ensure the colors pop and stay put all day.
  • Bold Selections: Choose a palette with highly pigmented shades to achieve the color-block effect.
  • Blending is Key: Despite the sharp color-blocking, ensure to blend the edges slightly for a seamless transition between hues.

Sunset Glow: The Warm-Toned Eye

Funky Makeup Inspo 2 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

The image captures a sophisticated warm-toned eye makeup that evokes the beauty of a sunset. The model’s eyes are enhanced with shades of burnt orange and deep red, creating a gradient that’s both warm and inviting.

How to Achieve It:

  • Gradient Technique: Use a gradient technique, starting with lighter shades in the inner corners and darkening towards the outer edges.
  • Warm Palette: Opt for a palette with warm-toned oranges and reds to mimic the hues of the sunset.
  • Finish with Liner: Define the eyes with a thin stroke of eyeliner to give structure to the softness of the shadows.
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Plush Pinks: The Monochromatic Pink Look

Funky Makeup Inspo 3 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

This look is a celebration of pink in all its glory. The model’s makeup features varying shades of pink across her eyes, cheeks, and lips, creating a harmonious and flirty monochromatic effect.

Get the Look:

  • Layer Shades: Use different shades of pink to add dimension while maintaining a monochromatic theme.
  • Highlight: Incorporate a shimmering pink highlighter on the high points of the face to enhance the glow.
  • Textural Play: Combine matte and glossy textures for a dynamic yet cohesive appearance.

Retro Glam: The Winged Eyeliner with a Twist

Funky Makeup Inspo 4 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

Channeling the spirit of retro glamour, this image showcases a classic winged eyeliner with a modern twist. The model’s sharp and elongated eyeliner is paired with a muted eyeshadow, giving her a look that’s both timeless and edgy.

How to Nail It:

  • Sharp Angles: Use a liquid eyeliner with a fine tip for precision when drawing the wing.
  • Neutral Canvas: Keep the eyeshadow neutral to let the eyeliner be the star of the show.
  • Balance with Brows: Ensure your brows are well-defined to balance the strong eyeliner.

Eclectic Elegance: The Jewel-Toned Eye

Funky Makeup Inspo 5 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

This image is a masterpiece of jewel tones, with the model sporting a luxurious combination of gemstone-inspired eyeshadow colors that are both rich and elegant.

Steps to Sparkle:

  • Jewel Palettes: Select eyeshadows with a jewel tone quality for a rich, saturated look.
  • Layer and Blend: Build up the intensity by layering the colors and blending them meticulously.
  • Metallic Finish: Add a touch of metallic eyeshadow in the center of the lid for a spotlight effect.
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Neon Noir: The Bold Lash Line

Funky Makeup Inspo 6 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

The focus in this look is on the eyes, where a bold, neon lash line brings an unexpected pop of color to a classic makeup style. The model’s lashes are framed with a vibrant eyeliner that adds a modern twist.

Master the Trend:

  • Vivid Liner: Use a neon eyeliner to create a striking line right at the lash base.
  • Mascara Match: Pair with multiple coats of volumizing mascara to amplify the effect.
  • Keep it Clean: Keep the rest of the eye makeup minimal to let the neon liner shine.

Pastel Perfection: The Soft-Hued Eye

Funky Makeup Inspo 7 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

Embracing the softer side of funky, this image shows a model with pastel eyeshadows blended to perfection, providing a dreamy and whimsical vibe.

Achieving Softness:

  • Pastel Palette: Choose a pastel palette with a good range of soft, powdery hues.
  • Feathered Application: Apply the eyeshadow with a light hand for a feathered, ethereal effect.
  • Complementary Liner: Use a liner in a pastel shade to define the eyes without overwhelming the softness.

Electric Edge: The Fuchsia Flush

Funky Makeup Inspo 8 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

In this captivating image, the model’s makeup is a bold statement with a fierce fuchsia flush across her eyelids, bringing an electric edge to a vibrant look.

How to Electrify:

  • Saturated Pigments: Opt for highly saturated pigments to achieve the intense fuchsia tone.
  • Blend Outward: Blend the color outward to create a winged effect that lifts the eye.
  • Balance with Neutrals: Pair the vibrant eyes with a neutral lip to maintain focus.
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Sunset Spectrum: The Orange Ombre

Funky Makeup Inspo 9 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

This image radiates with an orange ombre effect, reminiscent of a serene sunset. The model’s eyelids are a canvas for a gradient of orange shades, blending seamlessly into each other.

Capture the Sunset:

  • Gradual Blending: Use a gradient blending technique to transition between shades smoothly.
  • Warm Undertones: Incorporate warm undertones to enhance the sunset illusion.
  • Defined Crease: Add definition to the crease with a slightly darker shade to give depth.

Urban Rainbow: The Multi-Colored Muse

Funky Makeup Inspo 10 Bold and Beautiful: Funky Makeup Trends to Try This Season

Featuring a spectrum of colors, this look on the model is an urban rainbow, with her eyelids adorned in multiple hues, each blended to create a harmonious yet striking effect.

Embrace the Spectrum:

  • Color Theory: Have a good understanding of color theory to mix shades effectively.
  • Precision Blending: Blend each color carefully to avoid muddiness.
  • Highlight the Inner Corner: Add a pop of light shimmer to the inner corner to open up the eyes.

These ten vibrant makeup looks invite you to step out of your comfort zone and play with colors, textures, and styles. Whether it’s a splash of neon or a sweep of pastel, each look offers the opportunity to express your personality and elevate your makeup game. So grab your brushes, and let’s paint the town in the colors of your spirit!