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Aloe Vera Hair Moisturizer Recipe

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Aloe Vera gel is a natural moisturizer and is great for any skin type. It contains amino acids, vitamins, protein, and enzymes that will help soften your hair.

This recipe works for all types of hair: dry, oily, curly, or straight.

Aloe Vera hair moisturizer recipe

Aloe Vera hair moisturizer recipe

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Here is a simple recipe to make an Aloe Vera hair moisturizer that will smooth and keep your hair looking healthy.


  • 4 ounces aloe vera gel (buy at health food store)
  • 1/2 oz castor oil
  • 1/2 oz vegetable glycerin
  • ½ tbsp vitamin E oil


  • To make aloe vera hair moisturizer, mix together 4 ounces aloe vera gel, 1/2 oz castor oil and 1/2 oz vegetable glycerin in a small bowl.
  • If you have any leftover moisturizer, store it in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid to keep out excess moisture.
  • To apply the moisturizer to your hair, massage it into your scalp for about 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
  • Apply this treatment once per week to help keep your hair soft and healthy.

How to use Aloe Vera hair moisturizer

Aloe Vera is one of the best natural hair moisturizers on the market. It can also be used on skin and even as a sunburn treatment.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with thick fleshy leaves, which can be found growing in warm tropical climates all around the world.

The plant has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes since ancient Egypt.

1) You need to wet your hair with warm water, not hot! Hot water closes the pores of your hair and it will not absorb any nutrients from the aloe vera gel.

2) After that it’s time to wash your hair with shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates or any other chemicals that would dry out your scalp and hair even more.

3) Don’t forget to condition your hair after washing it with shampoo in order to soften it and make it more manageable. Remember, conditioner doesn’t only moisturize your hair, but also keeps some moisture in your scalp.

4) While our hair is still wet we will apply aloe vera gel on it and massage it into our scalp. You can use any amount of aloe vera gel depending on how much length you have on your hair.

5) Wash off the aloe vera gel by rinsing your hair with lukewarm water until it feels clean and soft. Some people like to use apple cider vinegar as a final rinse, but this isn’t necessary if you are using pure aloe vera gel.

Why homemade moisturizer is better for your hair

It is a well-known fact that homemade Aloe Vera moisturizer is better for your hair. But why? Let’s explore the benefits of this amazing product in more detail.

  1. Aloe Vera moisturizer helps strengthen and rehydrate your hair. If you have damaged hair this can be the perfect product to get it back to its healthy best.
  2. Aloe Vera moisturizer will prevent split ends by helping to repair your hair cuticle and boosting your hair’s natural shine.
  3. Aloe Vera moisturizer will help to keep your scalp healthy, which will in turn help to prevent dandruff and other scalp diseases.
  4. It is rich in Vitamin E, which is essential for growing strong, healthy hair. It also contains amino acids, proteins, minerals, and enzymes that are important for maintaining the health of your hair.
  5. The consistency of this product makes it perfect for moisturizing dry and brittle nails and cuticles. It can also be used to ease the pain of sunburns on the skin or lips.
  6. You can use Aloe Vera moisturizer as a gentle facial cleanser by applying a small amount to wet skin before removing it with a warm cloth or cotton wool pad.
  7. You can save money on shampoo by using aloe vera as a natural conditioner. Aloe vera is much cheaper than conditioners that can be purchased at the store, making it a great way to save money while still having gorgeous, soft hair!
  8. In addition, you can use aloe vera as a conditioner on your skin as well! So you’ll be saving money on expensive body wash or moisturizers as well by using aloe vera!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make your own at-home Aloe Vera moisturizer, you should follow this recipe.

It’s definitely one of the best DIY beauty remedies out there, and it doesn’t take much at all to make a batch.

Plus, it’ll stay fresh in your fridge for a week or two, and it’s super cheap to make.