Are Chapstick Tubes Recyclable?

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Think everything is recyclable? Think again. Chances are you’ve missed an item or two that could be harming the environment if you didn’t recycle.

Are chapstick tubes recyclable? This article will explore if chapstick tubes are recyclable and what they need to be recycled.

Are chapstick tubes recyclable?

Yes, chapstick tubes are recyclable. Many chapstick tubes are made from a mixture of plastic and aluminum. These types of containers can be recycled through the curbside recycling program in your area.

Tubes are made of a combination of polyethylene and polypropylene, both recyclable plastics.

Most recycling centers will accept the polyethylene portion of the tube, but not the polypropylene. You can recycle chapstick tubes in most curbside recycling programs as long as they are empty.

If you live in an area without curbside recycling or have trouble getting the tubes out of their containers, you can recycle them at most hardware stores that accept plastic bottles.

Because hardware stores crush bottles and tubes alike, it’s best to use a hard plastic container for chapstick rather than a squeezable one to avoid getting stuck with a squished tube.

Are Burts Bees chapstick containers recyclable?

Yes, the Burt’s Bees chapstick containers can be recycled. In fact, most major brands of chapsticks are recyclable and can be disposed of in a curbside recycling program.

Tins and metal lids are labeled with a recycling symbol, which is typically located on the bottom of the tin. In order to recycle tins, most cities and counties require that they be crushed prior to being placed into a recycling bin.

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Steps on how to properly recycle chapstick tubes

In recent years, the issue of waste management has become increasingly important to many consumers.

In the United States, for example, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each year, approximately 260 million tons of trash is generated from consumers.

Tissue paper and plastic covers are often used to package products such as chapstick tubes.

However, these materials are usually not recyclable. Recycling chapstick tubes is an important part of being a conscientious consumer and can help reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills each year. Here are the steps that will help you properly recycle chapstick tubes:

Step 1 – Find out where you can recycle your chapstick tubes.

Step 2 – Remove all contents from the chapstick tube.

Step 3 – Place the empty chapstick tube on top of a piece of wax paper or another non-absorbent surface.

Step 4 – Squeeze the top of the chapstick tube while simultaneously pulling it straight off with your fingers.

Step 5 – Cut off any labeling that remains on the chapstick tube using a pair of scissors.

Step 6 – Wash out the empty chapstick tube using warm water and dish soap or detergent.

Step 7 – Allow the chapstick tube to dry completely.

Step 8 – Reinsert.

What do you do with chapstick tubes?

These tubes are cheap, colorful, easy to find, and recyclable! I found a couple of other things you can do with them that I hope you’ll like.

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You’re going to want to pin this for later, so don’t forget to save it for later.

1. Fill with sand and use as weights in flower pots.

2. Use them to hold push pins and other such office supplies.

3. Use them as pencil holders.

4. Fill with candy and use as Halloween trick-or-treat containers.

5. Use them as ice cream scoops when you have a party or family get-together (the shape works really well for this).

6. Slice apples, oranges, and other fruits and insert the slices into the tubes for attractive, edible fruit cups.

7. Slice cucumbers into 1/4 inch thick slices, punch a hole in one end, fill the tube with ranch dip and eat! It’s that easy!

8. Make a mini pincushion out of it by sewing some fabric around it to make its own cover then filling it with whatever you want to use for your pincushion (stitch it shut after filling).

9. Fill with candy and use as stocking stuffers at Christmas time or any time of the year!

How do you dispose of old chapstick?

Tossing out old chapstick is easy if you follow these guidelines.

Step 1: Get rid of the product.

If it’s not in use, get rid of it. You will be doing the environment a favor by disposing of old chapstick that you are not using.

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Even using a product for a limited amount of time can have negative effects on your health, so be sure to get rid of it when you don’t need it anymore.

Step 2: Dispose of used chapstick in the trash can.

Do not flush it down the toilet because this may cause problems for your plumbing and clog your pipes.

Flushing old chapstick in the toilet can also cause serious problems for your septic system, which must take care of all of your household wastewater.

Flushing old chapstick down the toilet can also cause blockages and backups within your local sewage system, which may cost you money to repair or even cause damage to the environment around your home.

Step 3: Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling used chapstick because some used chapstick may contain harmful bacteria or viruses that could make you ill if they get on your skin.

Final Thoughts

While there are some who say that chapstick tubes are not recyclable, most of the sites we looked at seemed to indicate otherwise.

Because they’re made of aluminum and contain plastic caps, they can be recycled.

Whether or not they should depend on your environmental values, but the simple conclusion? Chapstick tubes can indeed be recycled.