How to Recycle Makeup Plastic Bags Properly

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Depending on which statistics you look at, the average American throws away 4 to 5 plastic bags every week.

This is millions of plastic bags a year. We should do our part to reduce the amount of plastic we dump in landfills.

One place we can start this is by recycling our makeup and cosmetic bags.

These reusable bags often get thrown into the trash, but it’s important to know how to properly dispose of them.

How to Recycle Makeup Plastic Bags Properly

1. Sorting

Sorting is the most crucial step in makeup plastic bag recycling.

It can be difficult to empty out all of your cosmetic pouches and flimsy bags into a pile that’s just right, but don’t worry—it will be worth it!

You’ll have to sort by color: reds and oranges with reds and oranges, blues with blues. And so on.

2. Packaging

Now that you’ve sorted all your little flimsy bags into a nice pile, you’ll need to prepare them for proper disposal in the garbage bin.

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This step is trickier than it sounds! First, place a small plastic bag inside a large plastic bag.

Then put that inside another sealable bag (a quart-sized Ziploc works best).

Next, place this larger one inside yet another plastic bag (the bigger the better!), and finally, throw everything away in your household garbage can!

Congratulations—you’ve just successfully completed Step 2 of How To Recycle Your Makeup Plastic Bags Properly!

3. Repeat steps 1-4 until containers are full

Most compactors take up to 20 compactor bags at once so repeat these steps until your container is full before heading towards your local recycling center–where you will drop off all of those neatly packaged bags safely for disposal into their respective bins where they belong!

Best Things to Do With Old Plastic Makeup Bags

When you have larger plastic makeup bags that are too big for the trash bin and don’t have a recycling logo on them, what can you do with them?

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You could try selling them on eBay or another online auction.

If they are really popular brands, you might make some decent money.

It’s not a bad idea to try selling them anyway because sometimes people will buy anything!

Just be sure to include pictures of the makeup bags so potential buyers can see what they look like.

If no one buys your old cosmetic bags, don’t worry—they still have plenty of uses! Here are some ideas:

  • Turn them into pencil cases. This works especially well with large zip-top plastic bags because there’s a good chance the zipper will work fine and last for years even though it has been used for makeup products before.
  • Use them as packing material when sending something in the mail. If your package gets damaged during shipping, at least the contents won’t be ruined!
  • Use them to keep your shoes clean after you wear them outside in the snow or rain and need to walk through an office where everyone takes their shoes off at the door (that’s how we do it up here in Alaska). You’ll be glad you did when spring arrives and all those puddles thaw out again!
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Final Thoughts

In closing, you can rest assured that there are indeed ways to recycle makeup plastic bags properly.

Whether you decide to recycle them or simply throw them away, make sure that you dispose of makeup plastic bags the correct way.

It will help to protect our ecosystem and prevent them from clogging up landfills or harming marine life.

And if a makeup plastic bag recycling program is available in your area, I urge you to participate. Together we can move towards a cleaner and more sustainable world.