Can You Recycle Stila Cosmetics Products?

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We’re all focused on saving the environment — even if it’s just a little bit at a time.

So when I emptied my Stila Cosmetics makeup container, I was ready to start putting these items in the recycling bin until I realized…Can you recycle Stila Cosmetics containers?

Can you recycle Stila Cosmetics containers?

Yes, Stila Cosmetics products are made in over 50 countries around the world, so you may be able to recycle the packaging. You can use their global recycling locator tool to find a drop-off location near you.

TIP: When returning your items, you must have the original receipt to take advantage of this service. Also, keep in mind that you won’t receive any money or credit for returned containers.

Where to recycle your Stila Cosmetics bottles

There are three main ways to recycle your empty Stila Cosmetics bottles:

1. The company’s website has a list of Stila Cosmetics-certified recycling locations. To find a location near you, enter your zip code at the bottom of the page. Some major retailers also have Stila Cosmetics bins where you can drop off your empties. These include Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s.

2. Stila Cosmetics accepts most empty bottles for recycling through its Take-Back Program. Call 1-800-749-8321 to find out if your empties qualify for the program.

3. Donate your empty bottles to a local organization such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation or The World Wildlife Fund, which accept them as donations.

How to Recycle your Stila Cosmetics containers properly

Hate to see all those Stila Cosmetics containers go to waste on the countertop?

Here are some tips on how to recycle your Stila Cosmetics containers properly.

1. Toss it out

No matter how pretty your Stila Cosmetics bottles look, they’re not meant to be reused. Throw them in the trashcan or drop them off at a recycling center to make room for your new products.

2. Donate it

If you have a friend who’s really into Stila Cosmetics or skincare, she’ll appreciate getting some of your gently used supplies.

Just make sure that you’re not giving away products with open compartments, like toner bottles and makeup remover pads with residue still on them. Your friend will thank you for being careful!

3. Trade it in

If you’re a skincare junkie like me, you’ve probably amassed a treasure trove of beauty products over the years — some of which can be difficult to swap out because they’re no longer made.

But if you’ve got any empty Stila Cosmetics packaging lying around, you can trade it in at any Ulta store for one full-size product of your choice!

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4. Clean!

Clean out containers thoroughly before giving them away or selling them.

Make sure the product is cleaned out of the container so it doesn’t get into someone else’s hands and cause an allergic reaction or other health problem.

What do you do with empty Stila Cosmetics bottles?

A lot of people don’t realize that the little containers your Stila Cosmetics products come in are reusable. I’ve been reusing mine for years, and you can too!

Here are a few things you can do with your empty Stila Cosmetics containers:

1. Makeup organizer

This is my favorite use for these little pots. I take the lids off, wash them thoroughly and then use them to organize my makeup.

The clear plastic allows me to see everything at a glance, and they’re so small that they’re easy to store on any shelf or in any drawer in my house.

You can also just store your brushes in the containers if you’d like, but I try to keep my brushes separate from everything else so I don’t get them mixed up or dirty.

2. Craft organizer

If you have a craft room or studio, you can use these little pots to organize all of your supplies.

They work especially well for things like beads and sequins. You could also use them as a way to store screws and nails.

3. Airtight Food Storage Containers

If you have leftovers or snacks that need to be kept fresh, these little pots are perfect for keeping them sealed tight.

You can also use them to store dry goods like flour and sugar.

4. Store jewelry

Don’t have a jewelry box? Keep it safe in your old eye shadow palette or powder case.

This works best for small earrings and delicate necklaces, but it’s still a good way to keep things organized.

5. Organize pens and markers

Keep your desk drawer nice and neat with an old foundation bottle or mascara wand holder for your office supplies.

It’ll help prevent you from tossing those items in with the rest of the junk in your desk drawer — and make it easier to find what you need when you need it!

6. Grow herbs or houseplants

You can use old lip gloss containers or airtight bags for growing fresh herbs like basil — just cut out the bottom so water can drain out.

This also works well for growing houseplants like mint or succulents.

7. Store pills

Use the small containers to store pills, which helps keep them organized. You can also put loose change in the containers to make it easier to find and count your change.

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Can You Recycle Stila Cosmetics Plastic Containers?

Yes, Stila Cosmetics plastic containers can be recycled. They use a variety of materials, including glass and plastic, for their products.

Their plastic packaging is often made from #1 (PET) or #5 (PP) plastics and is recyclable.

Like all plastics, however, these must be kept clean to be accepted by most municipal recycling programs—so make sure to rinse out your containers thoroughly before recycling them!

You may not have the option of curbside pick up for these plastics, so you’ll need to find a drop-off location nearby.

Earth911 makes this easy: just head over to their website and enter your zip code—they’ll show you where the nearest drop-off location is and whether they accept #1 or #5 plastics or both.

You can also check with your local municipality directly!

Once in a while municipalities will decide to stop accepting certain types of plastic because there’s no demand for it—but don’t worry!

How Does Stila Cosmetics Stay Away From Harsh or Harmful Chemicals?

As a company, they are committed to creating products that are safe for humans and our planet.

* They do not use any ingredients that are on the EWG’s Skin Deep “High Hazard” list.

* They do not use any ingredients that are on PETA’s “Do Not Use” list of animal-derived ingredients.

* They do not use any ingredients that are on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list of fragrance allergens.

The following is a full list of chemicals Stila Cosmetics will never include in its products:

  • Acetaldehyde 0
  • Acetamide 0
  • Acetic acid 0
  • Acetone 0
  • Acetylation dimethyl benzene 1
  • Acids, organic 1
  • Acne agent 3
  • Activated carbon 1
  • Adjuvant 2
  • Alcohol, C8-10, ethoxylated 2
  • Alcohol, C12-15, ethoxylated 2
  • Alcohol denatured 3
  • Alkyl ether sulfates (C12-18) 3
  • Allergenic

What Is Stila Cosmetics Doing to Help the Environment and Communities in Need?

Here are some things Stila Cosmetics is doing our part to help the environment and communities in need:

1. Use plastic-free packaging

Everything from the box your products arrive into your shampoo bottle can be composted or recycled. They even use compostable tape!

2. 100% of production waste is recycled and reused

When they make your hair care products, there are some raw materials that don’t make it into the final product (that would be a lot of waste), so they recycle and reuse all of it — nothing goes in the trash!

3. Source locally

Most of their materials are sourced from local suppliers, which reduces transport-related emissions from shipping from across the world, as well as supports local businesses.

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4. LEED Certified

The brand’s headquarters are certified silver by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). LEED promotes design for energy efficiency and sustainability, so they’re proud to have this certification!

How does recycling Stila Cosmetics containers save the environment?

Tossing out your empty mascara tubes will probably result in them ending up in a landfill, where they’ll never decompose and will make things worse for the planet.

But when you take the time to toss out your empty Stila Cosmetics containers in a proper way, you’re helping to make our world better.

Here are some ways how recycling Stila Cosmetics containers save the environment:

1) Recycling Stila Cosmetics containers save energy and reduce greenhouse gases:

The production of plastic involves many steps and large use of energy. When you recycle your containers, it reduces the amount of energy needed to make new ones.

2) Recycling Stila Cosmetics containers prevent water pollution:

The manufacturing process of plastic involves a variety of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment if not recycled properly. Recycling those bottles will prevent them from entering our water system and harming marine life.

3) Recycling Stila Cosmetics containers reduce air pollution:

Pollutants are released into our atmosphere as a result of plastic production. By recycling empty bottles, we can reduce air pollution caused by plastic waste.

4) Recycling Stila Cosmetics containers keeps harmful chemicals out of landfills:

When the recycled products are used again, it is done in a way that does not harm the environment.

Recycled plastic bottles and aluminum containers are melted down and reformed into new bottles, cans, and other containers.

Why do people care about recycling Stila Cosmetics containers?

Turns out, the makeup containers are not just cosmetic — they’re also a source of environmental concern. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most cosmetic packaging is not recyclable because it cannot be mechanically separated from other trash.

Their commitment to sustainable business practices includes recycling Stila Cosmetics containers.

Stila Cosmetics has partnered with TerraCycle and the Plastic Soup Foundation to divert cosmetics containers from landfills, incinerators, and oceans through a recycling program that reuses these materials for consumer products.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can recycle Stila Cosmetics containers. Stila Cosmetics offers recycling guidelines on its website, and other well-known brand names with similar products are likely to be equally well-informed about recycling guidelines for their companies.