Does Colourpop Have Talc

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Colourpop Cosmetics is a popular brand known for its affordable and trendy makeup products.

One question that many customers have is whether or not Colourpop uses talc in their makeup. In this blog post, we’ll answer that question and provide some additional information about talc and its use in cosmetics.

To summarize the findings in a more visual format, we’ve created a second table below that outlines the key points of this blog post.

Key FindingsFiner Details
Talc is a mineral commonly used in cosmeticsTalc can absorb moisture and reduce friction
Talc has been linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancerEvidence is not yet conclusive
Colourpop uses talc in some productsCheck ingredients list before purchasing
Talc-free alternatives are availableMany companies offer talc-free formulas

Does Colourpop Use Talc?

To answer the question: Does Colourpop have talc? Yes, Colourpop uses talc in some of their makeup products. However, not all Colourpop products contain talc. To help you determine which products contain talc, we’ve created a table below.

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Product NameContains Talc?
Yes, Please! Eyeshadow PaletteYes
Lippie PencilNo
Super Shock Cheek HighlighterNo
Ultra Satin LipNo
No Filter FoundationYes

As you can see, some products like the Yes, Please! Eyeshadow Palette and No Filter Foundation contain talc, while others like the Lippie Pencil, Super Shock Cheek Highlighter, and Ultra Satin Lip do not.

Talc-Free Alternatives

If you’re concerned about the use of talc in your makeup products, there are plenty of talc-free alternatives available on the market. Many companies have begun to switch to talc-free formulas, and there are also natural makeup brands that offer talc-free options. Some talc-free alternatives to Colourpop products include:

  • RMS Beauty
  • ILIA Beauty
  • Juice Beauty
  • 100% Pure
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Investigating Talc in Colourpop Products

Colourpop is a popular makeup brand known for its affordable prices and trendy products. With its wide range of makeup offerings, including powders, eyeshadows, and blushes, many consumers have been wondering whether Colourpop uses talc in its products. To investigate, we took a closer look at the ingredients lists for some of Colourpop’s most popular products.

Product NameTalc Listed in Ingredients
Super Shock ShadowNo
Pressed Powder ShadowYes
Super Shock BlushNo
Pressed Powder BlushYes
No Filter Loose Setting PowderYes

As shown in the table above, Colourpop’s pressed powder products, including its eyeshadows and blushes, do include talc in their ingredients lists. However, their Super Shock products, which have a unique, cream-to-powder consistency, do not contain talc. Additionally, Colourpop’s No Filter Loose Setting Powder also contains talc.

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What Tests Reveal About Colourpop’s Talc Use

To get a better understanding of how much talc is present in Colourpop’s products, we consulted third-party testing results from the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. According to these results, Colourpop’s pressed powder eyeshadows and blushes contain moderate to high levels of talc, with some products containing up to 40% talc by weight.

Colourpop’s Response to Talc Allegations

When asked about the use of talc in their products, Colourpop has issued a statement saying that they use only cosmetic-grade talc that has been tested and confirmed to be safe for use in makeup products. They also follow all regulatory requirements for ingredient safety and product labeling.


In conclusion, while Colourpop does use talc in some of their makeup products, not all products contain talc. If you’re concerned about the use of talc in your makeup, be sure to check the ingredients list before purchasing. There are also plenty of talc-free alternatives available on the market.

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