Hand Sanitizer With Glycerin Recipe

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Learn how to make your own hand sanitizer with glycerin at home! This recipe is easy to follow and only requires a few simple ingredients.

Hand Sanitizer With Glycerin Recipe

Hand Sanitizer With Glycerin Recipe

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Hand sanitizer has become an essential item in our daily lives, especially during the pandemic. However, store-bought hand sanitizers can be expensive and may contain harsh chemicals. This recipe for hand sanitizer with glycerin is a great alternative that is both cost-effective and gentle on the skin.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Personal Care
Servings 8 oz


  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk or spoon
  • Container with a lid for storage


  • cup of isopropyl alcohol (99% pure)
  • cup of aloe vera gel
  • 10 drops of essential oil (optional)
  • 1 tsp of glycerin


  • In a mixing bowl, combine the isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel, and glycerin.
  • Mix well until the ingredients are well combined.
  • If desired, add 10 drops of essential oil to the mixture and mix well.
  • Transfer the hand sanitizer to a container with a lid and store in a cool, dry place.


  • It is important to use 99% pure isopropyl alcohol for this recipe to ensure that the hand sanitizer is effective.
  • Glycerin is added to this recipe to help keep the skin moisturized.
  • Essential oils can be added for a pleasant scent, but are not necessary for the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer.

How to Use

  1. Apply a small amount of the hand sanitizer to the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces of your hands, including the nails and cuticles.
  3. Allow the hand sanitizer to dry on your hands before touching anything.
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What is glycerin used for in hand sanitizer?

Glycerin is used in hand sanitizer as a moisturizer to help keep the skin from drying out. It is added to the hand sanitizer to counteract the drying effects of the alcohol.

Is glycerin safe to use in hand sanitizer?

Yes, glycerin is safe to use in hand sanitizer. It is a natural ingredient that is commonly used in skincare products to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Can I use glycerin instead of aloe vera gel in hand sanitizer?

No, glycerin should not be used as a substitute for aloe vera gel in hand sanitizer. Aloe vera gel is added to hand sanitizer as a natural alternative to harsh chemicals and to help soothe irritated skin. Glycerin is added to the hand sanitizer as a moisturizer.

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How much glycerin should I add to my hand sanitizer?

The recommended amount of glycerin to add to hand sanitizer is 1 tsp per 8 oz of hand sanitizer.

Is glycerin hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19?

Hand sanitizer with glycerin is effective against COVID-19 as long as it contains at least 60% alcohol. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol to effectively kill germs, including the virus that causes COVID-19. This recipe contains 2/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol, which is 99% pure and well above the recommended 60% alcohol content.

Can I use vegetable glycerin for hand sanitizer?

Vegetable glycerin can be used in hand sanitizer, but it is important to make sure that it is food grade and safe for topical use. It is also important to note that vegetable glycerin may not be as effective as animal-derived glycerin in terms of moisturizing the skin.

How long does glycerin hand sanitizer last?

The shelf life of glycerin hand sanitizer depends on the ingredients used and the storage conditions. If stored in a cool, dry place, this recipe should last for at least 6 months. It is important to check the expiration date and discard any hand sanitizer that has expired.

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Can I add essential oils to my glycerin hand sanitizer?

Yes, essential oils can be added to your glycerin hand sanitizer for a pleasant scent. However, it is important to make sure that the essential oils used are safe for topical use and are not known to cause skin irritation.

Can I use glycerin hand sanitizer on my face?

It is not recommended to use this recipe for glycerin hand sanitizer on your face, as the high alcohol content may cause irritation. It is important to use products specifically formulated for use on the face.

How often should I use glycerin hand sanitizer?

The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer whenever soap and water are not available. This includes before and after eating, after using the bathroom, and after touching frequently touched surfaces or objects. It is also important to use hand sanitizer after being in a public place where social distancing is difficult to maintain.