How Do I Know if a Mascara is Tubing

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Mascara is a must-have for many beauty enthusiasts. It can enhance your lashes and make your eyes pop. But have you heard of tubing mascara? This innovative formula provides a unique way of coating your lashes by creating tubes around them. In this article, we will guide you through the process of identifying whether a mascara is tubing or not.

How Does Tubing Mascara Differ From Traditional Mascara?

Tubing mascara and traditional mascara differ in their formula and application. Traditional mascara contains waxes and oils that coat lashes, while tubing mascara uses a polymer-based formula that creates tubes around each lash. Tubing mascara is also known for its unique removal process, where the tubes slide off with warm water.
In terms of application, tubing mascara can be more precise as it does not clump, smudge, or flake. It also provides a longer-lasting effect than traditional mascara.

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Look for “Tube” or “Tubing” in the Mascara’s Name

One of the easiest ways to determine if a mascara is tubing is to look for the terms “tube” or “tubing” in the product name. Some popular tubing mascaras include L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara and Blinc Tubing Mascara.
However, not all tubing mascaras have these terms in their names, so it is essential to check the ingredients and claims.

Check the Mascara’s Ingredients List

Tubing mascaras typically have a different set of ingredients than traditional mascaras. The former contains polymers, which create tubes around the lashes, while the latter has waxes and oils that coat the lashes. Check the mascara’s ingredients list for terms such as “polymer” or “acrylates copolymer.”
If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed, be cautious and avoid using that particular mascara.

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Pay Attention to the Mascara’s Claims

Read the mascara’s claims to determine if it is tubing or traditional. Tubing mascaras typically claim to be smudge-proof, flake-proof, and long-lasting. They also claim to be easily removable with warm water. Traditional mascaras, on the other hand, usually emphasize volume, length, and curl.

Test the Mascara’s Durability and Smudge-Resistance

To test if a mascara is tubing, try rubbing your eyes gently to see if the mascara smudges or flakes. Tubing mascara should not smudge or flake off easily. You can also try the waterproof test by splashing some water on your face to see if the mascara stays intact.

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Look for Clumps and Flakes in the Mascara’s Application

One of the significant benefits of tubing mascara is that it does not clump or flake. When applying mascara, be sure to check for any clumps or flakes. If there are none, it might be tubing mascara.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to identify tubing mascara, you can enjoy its benefits! Tubing mascara is long-lasting, smudge-proof, and easy to remove. Plus, its unique formula ensures that your lashes look natural and clump-free. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!