How to Dispose of Makeup Palette

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Do you have an old makeup palette you want to dispose of?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how.

How to Dispose of Makeup Palette

1. Throw it away

The most common way to dispose of your makeup palette is to throw it away.

It is advisable to put your used makeup palette in a plastic bag first before throwing it in the trash.

This is because some liquid products may leak out while you transport them to the garbage bin, which can cause messes in your house or car.

2. Recycle it

If you have not completely used up all of the product inside your palette, then you can recycle the remaining products by reselling them on eBay or Amazon.

However, if you are too lazy to do this, then simply throw it away as mentioned above!

3. Give it away as a gift

The best way to get rid of unwanted makeup palettes is by giving these products away as gifts for friends/family members who love makeup!

This is also known as “sharing (or reusing) beauty”.

You can use this method if you do not want to throw away old but still usable makeup palettes!

4. Sell it on eBay or Amazon

Another way to get rid of old but still usable makeup palettes is by selling them on eBay or Amazon.

Can You Recycle Makeup Palettes?

Yes, you can!

There are many ways to dispose of your makeup palettes.

You can recycle them at a local recycling center or donate them to a charity—but if none of those options sound appealing to you, there’s another option: giving away your old makeup palettes.

This might be easier said than done; as far as we’re aware, no one has ever wanted a used eyeshadow palette that I’ve tried to give them (my friend Julie once called me “obsessed with this stuff”).

But if you have a friend or family member with an interest in beauty products (or even just fancy yourself a collector), consider giving the gift of your old makeup kit.

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If all else fails and everybody turns down your generous offer, then consider selling it on eBay for some quick cash instead!

How Often Do You Replace Makeup Palettes?

When you should replace your palette depends on how often you use it.

If your color selection is pretty basic, then replacing it every few years is probably fine.

But if you’re constantly experimenting with new looks and colors in an effort to master the art of makeup application, then five years might be too long to go without a fresh palette.

That being said, when in doubt: throw it out!

There are several signs that indicate when a cosmetic product has reached its end-of-life stage:

  • The product no longer feels like new (i.e., the case has cracked or broken)
  • The color of the product has faded significantly from what was originally purchased (i.e., lipstick is light pink instead of red)
  • You have reached the expiration date printed on the package

What Can You Do With Old Eye Shadow Palettes?

There are a lot of things you can do with old eye shadow palettes.

Here are 10 ideas:

1. Make a homemade eye shadow palette.

2. Use it to mix your own shade of foundation.

3. Create an eye shadow palette with your favorite colors.

4. Use it as a highlighter for your face and body.

5. Mix it with lotion for an all-over body glow.

6. Add it to your bath water for a relaxing soak.

7. Use it as a face mask or foot spa treatment.

8. Use it as a lip color enhancer or stain.

9. Make homemade lip gloss or lipstick with old eye shadows and petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

10. Make homemade powder blush from old eye shadows.

Is It Safe to Use Expired Makeup Palettes?

Expired makeup palettes are not safe to use.

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You shouldn’t use them no matter how cheaply you can get the palette or how many times you want to give it a try.

Makeup palettes contain a variety of chemicals and ingredients, including preservatives, dyes, pigments, and binders that help keep these chemicals from spoiling quickly.

These chemicals may be toxic if they get into your body in large amounts (for example by being absorbed through your skin).

Using expired makeup also increases the risk that you will have an allergic reaction after using it because some ingredients might have changed over time.

Is It Okay to Throw Makeup Palettes in the Bin?

Yes, it’s okay to throw your makeup palette in the bin.

You can also recycle them (if you have access to a recycling program).

You can save them for another use and reuse them as trays or organizers for small items like jewelry and pens.

Or you can just throw them in the bin!

How Do You Clean a Metal Makeup Palette?

If you have a metal palette, this is the easiest way to clean it.

But first, make sure that you’ve properly removed the makeup from your palette using one of the techniques listed above.


  • Use a mild dish soap (like Dawn) and a soft cloth to clean your metal palette.
  • Rinse off any soap residue with warm water and dry with another clean, soft cloth.

Can You Reuse Your Eyeshadow Palettes?

You can dispose of your makeup palette in several ways.

If you want to reuse the palette, you can clean it out with a toothbrush and warm water.

However, if you don’t plan on using the palette again or don’t care about having a clean one, then it’s best just to throw it away.

You can also recycle your used eyeshadow by dropping them into an old jar or container for disposal later.

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Just make sure that they aren’t contaminated with any other substances so that they won’t contaminate anything else at the recycling center.

Where Can You Donate Your Makeup Palettes to?

There are many organizations that are always looking for makeup palettes.

Some of these include:

Local charities and thrift stores

A local charity shop will most likely accept your old makeup palette, as long as you check with them first before donating it.

Make sure that the items you donate aren’t expired or broken, and see if they can give you a receipt so that you can deduct the value of the gift when filing taxes next year.

Women’s shelters

You may want to consider donating your old makeup palette to a local women’s shelter in need of supplies such as these; doing so will help them provide services for women who have had to leave their homes due to domestic violence or other reasons.

Hospitals and medical centers

Donations like this can be especially helpful during times when they are running low on certain medical supplies.

Schools, churches, and synagogues

These organizations may also accept donations from individuals who want their unwanted items used by those less fortunate than themselves; however, make sure that anything left over after one of these events goes back into circulation by taking advantage of any tax benefits offered by donating through them.

Final Thoughts

It should also be noted that your makeup palette is potentially toxic.

Many companies use lead-based paints to create the colors in their palettes, so you need to be careful with this type of waste.

FDA guidelines state that if a product has been used and still has traces of makeup on it, the residue can still be absorbed into your skin.

Therefore, you should make sure to clean out your palettes fully before disposing of them.