How to Recycle Beautycounter Products

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Have you fallen in love with Beautycounter and found yourself wanting to use every product possible?

I know I have! Recycling Beautycounter products is a great way to use your favorite items and staying loyal to the brand.

Here’s how.

How to Recycle Beautycounter Products

1) Remove all lid seals from your containers and discard them.

Why is it important to remove seals?

The majority of the seals are made from polypropylene.

Unlike the bottles, which are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), polypropylene is not recyclable in most cities and towns.

They will remain in landfills, where they take up space and never degrade.

Where do I put the seals?

You may place them in your trash or recycle them with No 7 plastics if your city accepts them.

What should I do after removing the seals?

Recycle all eligible containers by taking them to a location that accepts rPET for recycling or placing them in a curbside recycling bin (if you live in a community that offers this service).

2) Rinse your containers clean.

Now that you’re done using our products, it’s time to give them a good wash!

Make sure to rinse with warm water and mild soap—you want all of that residue to be removed before recycling.

(Note: Do not place your containers in the dishwasher.)

Once you’ve rinsed everything clean, dry with a clean towel or allow the container to air dry.

3) Label it

To recycle your empty Beautycounter containers, you will need to prepare them for shipment.

Remove all seal lids from the containers and discard them in a trash can or recycling bin.

Rinse each container clean and put it back in its original packaging.

Place your empty containers in a box or mail pouch, label it “Beautycounter Return” and drop them off at a local UPS Store or give it to a UPS driver.

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Please note that Beautycounter cannot pay the shipping fee at this time.

Beautycounter will take care of the rest!

The packages are sent to TerraCycle where they are cleaned, broken down into material elements, and remanufactured into new products such as plastic benches or flower pots.

What Does Beautycounter Do With Your Returned Items?

Once they receive your return items, Beautycounter will have them sorted and transported to a recycling facility that cleans plastic down to its polymer form.

This is then melted down and sold as pellets to manufacturers who transform it into new products.

Recyclers will also repurpose the steel, glass, or aluminum from your return item packaging into other products.

Beautycounter does not know exactly where the materials are sent for this process as it varies depending on the recycler’s current needs at any given time.

How to Recycle Beautycounter Packaging?

1. Recycle with Beautycounter

They’ve partnered with TerraCycle to make recycling your empty Beautycounter containers as easy as possible.

Just ship them to TerraCycle for free, and they’ll recycle the materials or donate them to a local charity.

2. Recycling options near you

Many local UPS stores offer packaging recycling services.

Find one near you on their website.

3. Curbside recycling programs

If your city has curbside recycling, check out your program guidelines online to see what materials are accepted in the program, and follow their instructions accordingly when placing your Beautycounter packaging in the bin.

If you can’t find this information online, contact your waste management provider directly – they’ll be happy to help!

Where Can You Recycle Beautycounter Products?

You can send your empty Beautycounter products to TerraCycle for recycling by following these 5 easy steps:

  • Click the button below to visit TerraCycle’s page for their Beautycounter Recycling Program.
  • Register for free and order a free shipping label—this will be emailed to you after registering.
  • Print out the prepaid shipping label and tape it onto a cardboard box or padded envelope (note that specific products, like mascara wands, may need to be placed into plastic bags before being shipped).
  • Add any empty Beautycounter products into the box or envelope and send it off using UPS! If you don’t have a UPS store nearby, you can give the package to your local UPS driver on their next delivery day, or drop it off at a local UPS store (just call them first to see if they accept prepaid packages). You can also look here for more information about how the program works and where to find other drop-off locations near you.
  • After receiving your package, TerraCycle will sort through all of your items, clean them properly (if needed), then recycle/repurpose them!
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Can You Recycle Beautycounter Plastic Containers?

Yes, Beautycounter plastic containers can be recycled. They use a variety of materials, including glass and plastic, for their products.

Their plastic packaging is often made from #1 (PET) or #5 (PP) plastics and is recyclable.

Like all plastics, however, these must be kept clean to be accepted by most municipal recycling programs—so make sure to rinse out your containers thoroughly before recycling them!

You may not have the option of curbside pick up for these plastics, so you’ll need to find a drop-off location nearby.

Earth911 makes this easy: just head over to their website and enter your zip code—they’ll show you where the nearest drop-off location is and whether they accept #1 or #5 plastics or both.

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You can also check with your local municipality directly!

Once in a while municipalities will decide to stop accepting certain types of plastic because there’s no demand for it—but don’t worry!

If that happens in your area, they’ve still got you covered with some other ways to recycle those Beautycounter containers below.

What Can You Do With Empty Beautycounter Containers?

Recycling is certainly a good option.

If your city has a recycling program, you can recycle glass containers in your blue bin.

Or, if your city doesn’t have curbside recycling, you can find a location near you via

If that isn’t an option for you or you want to get more creative with your empties, try some of these ideas:

  • Reuse glass and PET plastic containers to store small items like buttons, nails, or screws.
  • Use empty mascara tubes to keep contact lenses from drying out on long trips. Simply fill the tube with contact solution and place your contact lens inside the tube before putting it in your suitcase or Dopp kit!
  • Use empty jars as travel containers for products like moisturizers, shampoo, and conditioners. Just make sure to remove the lids before traveling so they don’t explode in the air pressure of flight!

Some Beautycounter consultants donate their empties to organizations such as Crafting4Good or The Recycling Project for further use for both people and animals.

Final Thoughts

It’s incredibly easy to recycle your empty Beautycounter products.

Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to being one step closer to a safer, cleaner environment.