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Is Aprilskin Clean Beauty?

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Aprilskin is a company that makes skincare products.

They have a lot of items in their line, but they are most known for their cleansers and toners.

I’ve heard from friends who have tried these products that they’re really nice and gentle on the skin.

However, there are some questions about whether Aprilskin is clean beauty or not. So let’s find out!

Is Aprilskin Clean Beauty?

So, is Aprilskin a cruelty-free brand? It depends on whom you ask.

The company’s own website states that it is not.

But it also states that they are “vegan,” which means they don’t test on animals or use any animal products in their products.

This alone makes them vegan but not necessarily cruelty-free—since the definition of cruelty-free doesn’t include any mention of veganism, it’s possible for a brand to be both vegan and cruel at once!

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Aprilskin is a brand that many people are confused about, and there are many conflicting reports on whether or not it’s cruelty-free.

The company itself states on its website that they do not test on animals, but does not mention being vegan.

However, this does not mean that Aprilskin isn’t cruelty-free—in fact, it could mean the opposite!

Aprilskin is a Korean beauty brand that has been around since 2004.

They’re best known for their BB creams and CC creams, but also offer many other products such as foundations, primers, powders and more.

Aprilskin is not cruelty-free because they test on animals.

The company does not have any animal testing policies listed on their website or other online platforms.

They also have no Leaping Bunny or PETA certification, which are two of the most well-known cruelty-free certification programs in the world.

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The only reason why you might think Aprilskin is cruelty-free is because they state that they do not test on animals—but this alone doesn’t make them vegan!

Is Aprilskin Paraben Free?

Aprilskin is an Asian skincare brand best known for its sheet masks—but does the company use parabens?

Yes: The brand’s website lists methylparaben as one of its ingredients; however, Aprilskin stresses that “the function [of this chemical] is only effective in maintaining freshness rather than preventing bacteria from growing.”

The brand also uses butylparaben and propylparaben as preservatives.

The latter is known to be safe for use in cosmetics, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), while the former has been linked to adverse effects such as allergic reactions and low birth weight in newborns whose mothers were exposed before pregnancy.

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While the brand says it uses the chemicals to maintain freshness and prevent bacterial growth, Aprilskin also notes that it doesn’t use parabens in its sunscreen products.

The company states that its sunscreens are non-comedogenic—meaning they won’t clog pores or cause acne breakouts—and dermatologist-tested.

In addition to parabens, Aprilskin also uses a number of other ingredients that could cause adverse effects in some people.

The brand’s website lists its products’ ingredients, including several preservatives and fragrances.

Final Thoughts

So, is Aprilskin clean beauty?

Well, that depends on what you mean by “clean.”

In terms of being free from harmful ingredients and cruelty-free, yes—AprilSkin meets all our criteria for being clean.

So if you are looking for an entirely vegan and totally cruelty-free brand, this one may not be right for you!