Is BHA Mask Supposed to Burn?

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If you’ve ever used a skincare product containing BHA or AHA, you may have noticed that it can sometimes feel like it’s burning.

The question on everyone’s mind is: “Is this normal?” Well, we’re glad you asked!

In this article, we’ll be addressing the burning sensation experienced when using BHA and AHA masks.

We’ll discuss why some people experience a burning sensation while using face masks containing these ingredients, as well as how long they should leave the mask on their skin before rinsing off.

Is BHA Mask Supposed to Burn?

Yes, it’s normal for BHA masks to sting or burn a little.

The salicylic acid in the product helps to clear your pores of excess oil and dead skin cells, which can cause pimples.

While this may not feel pleasant at first, it’ll help improve the appearance of your pores over time.

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Plus, it’s temporary!

Once you’ve removed that layer of dead skin cells from your face (and maybe applied some anti-inflammatory cream), the stinging will subside and leave you with smooth skin.

If burning becomes extremely uncomfortable or painful, skip using the BHA mask for now until you’re feeling better—you’ll still have plenty of time before bedtime arrives!

What does the BHA mask do?

BHA masks are a type of exfoliating mask.

They remove dead skin cells to make way for new, healthy cells that help keep your complexion looking smooth and clear.

BHA masks can also help:

  • Reduce acne by removing clogged pores
  • Reduce blackheads by loosening dirt and oil from blocked pores
  • Reduce oiliness by helping to regulate sebum production (the oily substance that keeps our skin supple)
  • Help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by exfoliating the surface of your face
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Is it normal for AHA BHA to sting?

Yes! It’s normal for AHA and BHA masks to sting, especially in the beginning when you’re still getting used to the product.

The stinging sensation is caused by the acid exfoliating your skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving a smooth, healthy surface behind.

You can reduce the stinging sensation by applying a thin layer of moisturizer on top of your face before applying the mask.

This will help protect sensitive areas from any irritation from acids in the mask.

You can also reduce irritability by avoiding sensitive areas like your eyes and mouth if possible.

How long do you leave BHA mask on?

The longer you leave BHA mask on, the more effective it is.

Therefore, if you’re using a chemical exfoliant like salicylic acid or beta hydroxy acid (BHA), we recommend you leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

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If you’re using a physical exfoliant like clay or microdermabrasion crystals, leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

However long you choose to let the mask sit does not affect the results—the product will still work equally well regardless of how long you wait before washing off your face.

Final Thoughts

BHA face masks are a great way to exfoliate your skin, but it’s important that you use the right one for your needs.

If you don’t know what kind of mask will work best for you, ask a dermatologist or skincare expert.

They can help guide you in finding the perfect treatment for your skin type and condition so that it doesn’t burn or sting when applying!