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Is Clean Beauty Good For Acne?

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Does clean beauty really work for acne? Some people swear by it.

Here are some thoughts on the topic.

Is clean beauty good for acne?

Clean beauty products are great for acne-prone skin because they are free of several common acne-causing ingredients. Depending on your skin type, you may want to choose clean products that contain salicylic acid, tea tree oil, or both.

If you’re suffering from acne and considering an all-natural or organic skincare routine, you’re not alone.

According to recent data, 69 percent of people in the United States are using some form of clean or all-natural skincare products.

Treating acne with natural products can be a great way to avoid harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation.

Clean beauty products like acne washes and scrubs contain ingredients that help treat the root cause of acne, rather than just covering it up with a topical treatment.

Cleansing your skin regularly with a gentle cleanser and using a toner can help remove excess oil and dirt from your skin, thus reducing the likelihood of clogged pores and breakouts.

Tea tree oil is also an excellent natural ingredient for treating acne because it has anti-fungal properties that can eliminate bacteria that cause breakouts.

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Why clean beauty is good for acne

Acne is the most common skin problem in the United States, affecting an estimated 50 million to 65 million people, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Treating it can be expensive. In fact, a 2021 study reported that acne treatment accounted for $2.2 billion of total annual health care expenditures or 2 percent of total expenditures for prescription medications and over-the-counter products for all conditions.

Treatments can include pills, antibiotics, ointments, and other prescription medicines, such as Accutane — but all have side effects, many of which can be just as bad as the acne itself.

That’s where clean beauty comes in.

Here are 5 reasons why clean beauty is good for acne:

Products are simple and pure

Clean beauty products use ingredients that are high-quality and effective but also relatively simple.

They don’t contain synthetic chemicals or other ingredients that can impede your skin’s natural ability to clear out pores and heal itself.

More effective

Certain ingredients found in conventional beauty products can actually worsen acne instead of helping it.

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On the other hand, natural ingredients found in clean beauty products have been used for centuries to improve skin health. So they are more effective in treating acne.

It’s safe for sensitive skin

Since avoiding toxins is a major part of clean beauty, many products are made specifically for sensitive skin.

They’re free of irritating ingredients like alcohol, artificial fragrance, and parabens — all irritants that can cause bumps and blemishes.

It keeps your pores clear

Clean beauty products often rely on gentle exfoliators like brown sugar or jojoba beads instead of harsh microbeads that can cause tiny cuts in the skin and lead to infection.

Clean skincare tends to be gentle on the skin

Rather than using strong chemicals that strip the skin of good oils, clean brands focus on nourishing sensitive complexions instead.

If you’re struggling with dry skin or breakouts, many clean brands offer products that are specifically designed to address these issues!

Best anti-acne ingredients used in clean beauty products

One of the most important factors when choosing a clean beauty product is understanding what ingredients are in it.

There are many different types of chemicals, but it’s the ones that have been linked to potential health hazards that you want to avoid.

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My advice is to read the label carefully and look for these top 6 best anti-acne ingredients used in clean beauty products:

Salicylic Acid

How it helps;

This ingredient exfoliates the skin and prevents clogged pores.

Azelaic Acid

How it helps;

This has antibacterial properties, plus it helps with inflammation and acne.

Glycolic Acid

How it helps;

This is a mild chemical peel, which resurfaces the skin to reduce breakouts.

Green Tea

How it helps;

This ingredient is an antioxidant that protects against environmental damage.

Tea Tree Oil

How it helps;

This is a natural antiseptic that also helps kill bacteria causing acne.

Olive Oil

How it helps;

Mixing olive oil with other ingredients can give your skin a healthy glow without any sun exposure.

Final Thoughts

Yes, clean beauty products are even more effective than conventional products at fighting acne.

Of course, this is dependent on how well the clean beauty products are formulated and tested, but there’s no reason why they can’t be just as effective.