Is Fiber Mascara the Same as Tubing?

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Fiber mascara is a relatively new type of mascara that has been gaining popularity (especially in Japan) over the past few years.

In this article, you’ll learn if this mascara is worth the hype if it’s the same as tubing mascara, and how to use it properly.

Is Fiber Mascara the Same as Tubing?

No, these are two distinct products. Both claim to increase your lash length, but they do so in very different ways.

Tubing mascaras form tiny tubes around your lashes using nylon fibers. The tubes have a waterproof outer shell that prevents smudging and also makes it easy to remove the mascara by simply peeling off the tubes.

Fiber mascaras use natural or synthetic fibers to attach to your lashes, making them longer and fuller.

They’re water-soluble so they can be washed away with warm water and cleanser.

While tubing mascaras are generally preferred for their reliable results and ease of removal, fiber mascaras are often more affordable and don’t require that you use a special cleanser to take them off at night as tubing mascaras do.

Can You Wear Tubing Mascara Every day?

You can wear tubing mascara every day if you want to.

However, it is not recommended because tubing mascara can become dry and flaky over time.

This will cause your eyelashes to look brittle and damaged, which is why many people only use it for special occasions or going out with friends.

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If you do choose to wear tubing mascara every day make sure that you have a lot of oil on hand in case the formula dries out as this will help keep it from getting too clumpy or flaky!

How Long Does Tubing Mascara Last?

Tube mascara is long-wearing, smudge-proof, and water-resistant.

While tube mascaras are not waterproof or sweat-resistant, they will last longer than other types of mascara.

Tubing mascaras are not oil-resistant

This means that if you rub your eyes with your hand after applying tubing mascara, there’s a good chance some of the product will come off on your fingertips and there’s no way to get it back on without reapplying more product.

Can You Use a Tubing Mascara on Your Bottom Lashes?

The answer is yes and no.

You can use tubing mascara on your bottom lashes, but it’s not a good idea to use tubing mascara on your top lashes.

Mascara tubes are designed to coat the entire lash with just a few swipes of the wand.

A tubing mascara will give you more volume than a regular brush or comb type of fiber mascara, but it isn’t going to give you any length or curl.

If the volume is what you want, then tubing mascaras are perfect for this purpose!

What Are the Pros of Tubing Mascaras Over Regular Mascaras?

There are a few pros to tubing mascaras that you should consider before making your decision.

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1. You can get more volume and length

Tubing mascaras tend to be thicker, which means they offer more drama.

This is great if you have thinner lashes and want them to look fuller and longer.

In addition, tubing mascaras are typically lighter than regular mascaras, so your eyes will look brighter without being weighed down.

2. They last longer

Because of their water-resistant formula, tubing mascaras don’t smudge or transfer as easily as regular ones do—even if you’re crying!

That said, if you’re prone to oily skin or monsoon tears (no judgment here), it’s still a good idea to wash off your makeup at night so that it doesn’t build up on your lashes over time and cause issues later on in life—but that goes for all types of mascara!

3. No clumping

A tubing mascara won’t clump on your lashes or under your eyes like some formulas do.

4. More intense color payoff

Because they’re so pigmented, tubing mascaras are great for creating dramatic looks that last all day long (or night long).

5. Stronger hold

Tubing mascaras are formulated to keep your eyelashes in place all day long, even if you’re planning on doing some serious dancing at the club tonight!

What Are the Cons of Tubing Mascaras Over Regular Mascaras?

There are a few cons to tubing mascaras that you should consider before making your decision.

1. Removal can be challenging

If you use tubing mascara, it is recommended that you not sleep in it because removing it can be difficult and messy.

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This may require multiple removals if the product has dried onto skin or lashes while wearing them overnight.

If they clump during removal, one option is rubbing off excess mascara on a napkin or paper towel before applying oil-based makeup remover to the lashes.

It is also helpful to keep an eye on how much oil-based makeup remover you are using so that there isn’t too much product buildup left on eyelashes after removing tubing mascara. This could cause dryness and breakage in addition to being wasteful!

2. Clumping

Clumping can occur with non-waterproof formulas causing clumps under both upper and lower lashes (especially if used near bedtime).

To avoid this problem, some recommend waiting 10 minutes after application before blinking so that the formula dries completely into place without smudging onto cheeks or brows when blinking several times afterward – remember though that any extra time spent doing so may increase risk for flaking due to natural oils coming up through pores as well as lead potential irritation such as contact dermatitis if eyes become irritated by irritation caused by rubbing them too hard against pillowcases etcetera during sleep.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered whether fiber mascara is the same as tubing mascara, then hopefully this article has given you the answer you were looking for.