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Is RMS Beauty Non Comedogenic?

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I answer this question by discussing the basics of what comedogenic means and why certain skincare products are labeled non-comedogenic.

The Comedogenic Scale tells us which ingredients clog pores so ranking something on that scale can be valuable for us.

I talk about RMS beauty Best Skin Ever, as well as a few other products which are often wrongly labeled as non-comedogenic.

What does non-comedogenic mean?

Non-comedogenic is a term that refers to makeup, skincare, and even some body products (like lotions) that are formulated so as not to clog your pores.

A comedo (plural comedones) is the scientific word for a clogged pore, but most of us know them by their common name: blackheads or whiteheads.

While these words are often thrown around as if they all mean the same thing, they don’t!

A product can be non acnegenic (i.e. won’t cause a breakout) and still be able to clog your pores.

This is why it’s important to choose products that are labeled “non-comedogenic”

if you have blemish-prone skin and want your products to both to prevent breakouts and not contribute to clogged pores.

RMS Buriti Bronzer; Non-Comedogenic?

I am excited to share that the RMS Buriti Bronzer is indeed non-comedogenic.

The product is free of parabens, preservatives, synthetic chemicals, fillers, and GMOs.

It is certified organic to USDA standards by EcoCert.

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The ingredients in this bronzer are 100% natural and organic: coconut oil, buriti oil, and cocoa butter.

You can apply this bronzer with your fingers or a brush onto your face or body.

This gives you a rich glow of color.

I personally have used it on my eyelids as well for a sun-kissed eye look.

RMS Beauty Lip Shine; Non-Comedogenic?

Unfortunately, no. RMS Beauty Lip Shine is not non-comedogenic.

In fact, RMS Beauty does not offer any lip products that are non-comedogenic.

RMS Beauty Lip Shine contains coconut oil (comedogenic rating 4) and beeswax (comedogenic rating 2).

If you’re looking for a non-comedogenic lip product, you should look elsewhere.

However, if you’re looking for a specific ingredient in your lip product, I’m happy to help find one with that ingredient in it!

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up; Non-Comedogenic?

Unfortunately, the full text of the ingredients for this product is not readily available online, but I’ll list a few of the key ones and see if we can’t make sense of it from there.

Coconut oil

Unless you’re allergic to coconuts or sensitive to coconut oil, you probably won’t find it comedogenic.

However, as an ingredient in a makeup product that claims to help people with acne-prone skin, it’s odd because it’s very pore-clogging and causes breakouts in many people.

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Also not comedogenic on its own (though some people are allergic), but again isn’t helpful for those with acne-prone skin.

Mineral oil

This one is comedogenic!

Not surprising when they don’t even bother listing the ingredients on their website.

Cocoa seed butter

This one is also not great for acne-prone skin.

RMS Beauty’s luminizing powder; Non-Comedogenic?

Here’s what we do know about RMS Beauty Luminizing Powder:

  • It may be non-comedogenic, depending on its ingredients. RMS Beauty doesn’t explicitly state if its product is non-comedogenic, telling users to make that assessment themselves based on their skin type. However, *RMS Beauty Luminizing Powder* is a silky powder that likely won’t clog pores.
  • It will improve your skin’s overall appearance. This powder foundation leaves a luminous finish for healthy-looking skin that appears flawless and radiant—not greasy or oily.
  • It is free of parabens and synthetic additives. The formula for this powder foundation doesn’t contain these potentially harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about putting it on your face.
  • It’s not tested on animals! This means no innocent animals were harmed in the creation of this product—and most likely neither were you (but we’ll get to that later).

Ingredients in RMS Beauty Products that May Cause Acne

Some ingredients in RMS beauty products may cause acne breakouts.

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RMS beauty products come with a number of beneficial properties, making them great options for those people who are concerned about their skin’s health and appearance.

However, some of the ingredients that are used in RMS beauty products may not be suitable for everyone.

In particular, RMS beauty products can cause acne breakouts if you have sensitive skin or if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients that are found in the product.

The following is a list of common ingredients that are used in RMS beauty products:

  • Coconut oil (dries out your hair)
  • Shea butter (can clog pores)
  • Beeswax (can clog pores)

Why try RMS beauty products?

You have a good reason to try RMS beauty products, especially if you:

  • Want non-comedogenic products.
  • Care about what ingredients are used in your makeup and body care products.

Final Thoughts

So, is RMS beauty non-comedogenic?

Well, from what we’ve learned today it’s certainly got a fighting chance.

We’ve learned that they’re almost entirely natural, and all of their products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they don’t clog your pores.

They’ve even got a selection of products specifically chosen for acne-prone skin.

With certified organic ingredients and a 91% efficiency rating, the RMS Beauty Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer is truly one of the best moisturizers for those with acne-prone skin.