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The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty For Sensitive Skin

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With the growing popularity of clean beauty, people are changing their routines in search of safer options.

The best part about clean beauty is that it can still yield great results for sensitive skin types, too.

What exactly is clean beauty for sensitive skin?

Clean beauty for sensitive skin is all about finding products that will enhance your natural beauty while keeping your body free from harmful ingredients.

The main ingredients to avoid are alcohol (which can be drying), fragrances (which trigger allergies), sulfates (which can irritate the skin), and synthetic colors and dyes (which can cause allergic reactions).

Fragrances come in many forms, including essential oils, fragrance oils, natural extracts, synthetic compounds, or a combination of these.

The term “fragrance” is often used to mask the fact that an ingredient is synthetic.

Is clean beauty for sensitive skin different from regular clean beauty?

The difference between “regular” clean beauty and clean beauty for sensitive skin is the ingredients. Beyond that, the whole idea of clean beauty is to make products that are kinder to your skin, no matter what type you have.

Many companies use natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals in order to create products that are gentler on the skin.

However, many brands test their products on animals because they feel it is necessary to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their products.

If you’d like to support cruelty-free brands, look for those who certify themselves as such through organizations like PETA and Leaping Bunny.

The non-profit organization Logical Harmony has a good list of both cruelty-free and vegan brands, which also includes a rating system based on a variety of factors including price point and customer service.

Is clean beauty safe for sensitive skin?

The reason clean beauty is more appealing to those with sensitive skin is that it doesn’t contain any irritants like sulfates, parabens, and fragrances.

These chemicals are added to products to enhance their fragrance and make them last longer on the shelf.

However, they can cause a lot of problems for people with sensitive skin.

For example, sulfates, which are used in shampoos and conditioners to help them foam, can dry out your scalp and hair if you use them too frequently.

And fragrances, which are usually derived from synthetic chemicals called phthalates, may cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems in those who are sensitive to them.

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Even if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, it’s worth it to switch over to clean beauty products because of their ability to be easily absorbed by your skin.

How does clean beauty help my sensitive skin?

Because of their gentleness and sensitivity, these products can be exactly what you need to take care of your skin and help prevent a variety of problems from getting out of hand.

Here are 6 ways in which clean beauty helps with sensitive skin.

1. Clean beauty products tend to have fewer additives, which can irritate sensitive skin.

2. Clean beauty products tend to be fragrance-free, which is helpful because fragrances can also irritate sensitive skin.

3. Clean beauty products tend to be more natural than everyday products, which can include ingredients that irritate sensitive skin, like synthetic fragrances and synthetic colors.

4. Clean Beauty products from brands like Carol’s Daughter or Juice Beauty can help give you the nutrients and antioxidants your body needs to keep your skin healthy and looking good.

5. Clean Beauty Products from brands like Beautycounter or Juice Beauty use clean ingredients that are safe for those who suffer from allergies or who have very sensitive skin conditions like rosacea or eczema, as well as pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children.

6. Clean beauty products have beautiful packaging; it is not only safe but also kinder to the environment than most traditional beauty packaging.

Clean beauty tips for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty.

Here are 10 tips to keep your skin looking gorgeous while being gentle.

1. Use a mild cleanser every day

2. Use products labeled “non-comedogenic”

3. Avoid artificial fragrances

4. Don’t use anything with alcohol in it

5. Wear sunscreen every day

6. Avoid facial scrubs

7. Get your Botox and other fillers from a reputable doctor or plastic surgeon

8. Never wax your face or eyebrows at home

9. Don’t use chemical peels on skin that is irritated, inflamed, or infected

10. Don’t pick at your blemishes

How to find clean beauty products for sensitive skin

Treating your skin to products that are both effective and natural can be tricky.

With so many different brands out there, it can be hard to tell what you’re getting into before you try it.

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Some of us have sensitive skin, which means we need to take extra precautions when choosing our beauty products.

Here are the steps you can take to find clean beauty products for sensitive skin:

Step 1. Start with the basics

Most people know to check the ingredients list for things like alcohol and fragrance, but there are other ingredients that can cause irritation as well.

Check for things like menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, camphor, clove oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil and cinnamon oil — especially in body washes and deodorants — because they can cause skin irritation even in small amounts.

If you have sensitive skin or know someone who does, stick with unscented products or choose body washes that list soothing ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter instead of mint or citrus oils.

Step 2. Check the penetration of ingredients

Ingredients can penetrate into the body through the skin, too. For example, a study found that methylparaben penetrates the body within hours of being applied.

Most people know to avoid parabens because of their hormone-disrupting properties, but this study demonstrates how quickly they travel into your bloodstream.

Use ingredients that only stay on the surface of the skin such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (mineral sunscreen) and avoid those that penetrate into your bloodstream like oxybenzone.

Step 3. Know your sensitivities

When you have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid any ingredients that might trigger an allergic reaction or irritation.

Common triggers include fragrances, dyes, and animal products among others.

If you’re unsure which ingredients could cause problems for your skin type, start by avoiding anything with a long list of strange-sounding names.

Step 4. Test products out

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential products, it’s time to test them out.

Test a product for at least four weeks before deciding whether or not it works for you.

Put a small amount of the product on one area of your face; next to your ear is a good place since it’s less visible than your cheeks, and leave it overnight.

If you wake up in the morning with no redness, itchiness, or other irritation, you’re probably all right to try the product in other places on your face.

Step 5. Stick with what works

When it comes to skincare and makeup, stick with products that have worked for your skin in the past.

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If there’s a scent or ingredient that seems to irritate your skin, avoid it going forward.

Trying something new may be tempting, but if it makes your skin react, you’ll regret it.

And remember: your skin can change over time due to factors such as hormones, stress and diet.

Best clean beauty products for sensitive skin

I’ve had a lot of trouble finding products that work well with my sensitive skin, but I’ve finally built up enough of a collection to share my favorites.

The best part of these products is that they are all-natural and clean. Here’s what I use!

1. Josie Maran Argan Oil Light

This oil is perfect for my face and has done wonders for my skin. It keeps it moisturized without feeling too heavy or greasy.

2. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer

If you’re looking for a non-greasy moisturizer that still works, look no further! This one goes on smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

I use this soap for just about everything (washing my hands, washing dishes, cleaning my bathroom). Bonus: it’s all-natural and organic!

4. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

This is a great peel for exfoliating your skin and getting rid of any dead skin cells before your serums go on.

5. The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

This is a great oil for people who have sensitive skin and want something natural.

The Ordinary is an affordable company and rosehip seed oil is full of antioxidants and fatty acids, which help with dryness and reduce inflammation.

6. Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

This is a great hydrating moisturizer if your skin feels dry at the end of the day.

It helps boost the delivery of water molecules deep into skin cells so that your face stays hydrated longer. It also has sunflower protein which helps strengthen the outer layer of the skin.

Final Thoughts

We’ve given you an overview of the world of clean beauty for sensitive skin, and explained how it helps soothe your body, mind, and soul.

We hope that you’ll consider it when building your own home-beauty routine.

And if you want to learn more and uncover the best products out there, we also provided some resources here to help with that endeavor!