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Vitamin E Oil Lip Gloss Recipe

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Vitamin E oil lip gloss is a perfect DIY project to enhance your natural beauty. It is incredibly easy to make and gives you the benefit of healthy and moisturized lips. This lip gloss recipe will leave your lips feeling smooth and luscious with a subtle shine.

Vitamin E Oil Lip Gloss Recipe

Vitamin E Oil Lip Gloss Recipe

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This blog post is a guide to making Vitamin E oil lip gloss. We will be discussing the serving size, prep time, cooling time, course, equipment, ingredients, instructions, notes, tips for application, and guaranteed benefits of this DIY project.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cooling Time 20 minutes
Course Lip Care
Servings 1 oz


  • Small mixing bowl
  • A spoon
  • a dropper
  • a container


  • 1 tablespoon of beeswax pellets
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
  • 1-2 drops of essential oil (optional for scent)


  • In a small mixing bowl, combine the beeswax pellets, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil.
  • Place the bowl in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds. Take it out and stir.
  • Repeat this process until all the beeswax pellets have melted.
  • Add the Vitamin E oil and essential oil (if using) and stir well.
  • Using a dropper, transfer the mixture to a container.
  • Allow the lip gloss to cool for 20-30 minutes.
  • Apply the lip gloss to your lips with a clean finger or a lip brush.


  • You can use any container for the lip gloss, but a small lip balm container works best.
  • Be sure to store the lip gloss in a cool, dry place.
  • You can use any essential oil you prefer for scent.

Tips for Application

  • Exfoliate your lips before applying the lip gloss for a smoother application.
  • Apply the lip gloss to the center of your lips and blend outwards for a natural look.
  • Use a lip brush for precise application.

Guaranteed Benefits

  1. Moisturizes Lips: The combination of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E oil provides your lips with long-lasting moisture.
  2. Smooth Lips: The beeswax in the lip gloss helps to smooth out any rough patches on your lips.
  3. Protects Lips: Vitamin E oil is known for its antioxidant properties which help to protect your lips from environmental damage.
  4. Non-Toxic: By making your own lip gloss, you can ensure that the ingredients are all-natural and free from harmful chemicals.
  5. Customizable: You can customize the scent and color of your lip gloss to your preference.
  6. Cost-Effective: Making your own lip gloss is much more cost-effective than purchasing high-end brands.


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What is Vitamin E oil used for in lip gloss?

  • Vitamin E oil is used to moisturize and protect your lips from environmental damage.

Can I use Vitamin E capsules instead of oil for lip gloss?

  • Yes, you can use Vitamin E capsules by breaking them open and extracting the oil.

Is Vitamin E oil good for chapped lips?

  • Yes, Vitamin E oil is good for chapped lips as it helps to moisturize and heal dry lips.
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Can I add color to my Vitamin E oil lip gloss?

  • Yes, you can add natural color to your lip gloss using beetroot powder, cocoa powder, or food coloring.

How long does homemade Vitamin E oil lip gloss last?

  • Homemade lip gloss can last up to 6 months if stored in a cool, dry place.
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What is the difference between Vitamin E oil and Vitamin E capsules?

  • Vitamin E oil is a concentrated form of Vitamin E that is extracted from various sources. Vitamin E capsules contain Vitamin E oil in a gelatin capsule.

Is Vitamin E oil safe for sensitive skin?

  • Yes, Vitamin E oil is generally safe for sensitive skin. However, it is always recommended to do a patch test before using any new product.

Can I use Vitamin E oil lip gloss as a lip balm?

  • Yes, Vitamin E oil lip gloss can also be used as a lip balm as it provides moisture and protection to your lips.

Can I use different oils in my Vitamin E oil lip gloss?

  • Yes, you can use different oils in your lip gloss such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or avocado oil.

How do I clean the container for my homemade lip gloss?

  • To clean the container, use warm water and soap to remove any remaining lip gloss. Then, rinse the container thoroughly and let it dry before using it again.