Builder Gel

What Builder Gel Do Salons Use

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Builder gel is a popular manicure technique used in most salons. It is a type of gel used to create a thicker and stronger base for nail extensions, and it comes in various brands and types. This article will explore the benefits of builder gel, popular brands, tips for application, and how to maintain and remove it.

The Benefits of Builder Gel

  1. Provides a durable base for nail extensions
  2. Resistant to chipping and breaking
  3. Long-lasting, lasting up to 3-4 weeks
  4. Creates a natural-looking finish
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Popular Brands of Builder Gel

  1. Gelish PolyGel
  2. IBD Builder Gel
  3. NSI Attraction Acrylic System
  4. Young Nails Acrylic System
  5. Kiara Sky Builder Gel

How to Choose the Right Builder Gel

  1. Consider your nail type and the desired result
  2. Check for quality and durability
  3. Look for a brand that suits your budget
  4. Read reviews and ask for recommendations

Tips for Applying Builder Gel

  1. Prep the nails properly
  2. Apply a thin layer of base
  3. Use a brush to apply the builder gel
  4. Cure the gel using a UV lamp
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The Importance of a Skilled Technician

  1. A skilled technician ensures proper application
  2. Improper application can lead to damage and infections
  3. Check for certifications and experience

Maintenance and Removal of Builder Gel

  1. Moisturize the nails regularly
  2. Avoid using harsh chemicals
  3. Use a file to remove the gel gently
  4. Soak the nails in acetone to remove the gel fully

Alternatives to Builder Gel

  1. Acrylic nails
  2. Dip powder nails
  3. Natural nails with regular polish

Overall Satisfaction of Customers with Builder Gel

  1. 90% of customers reported long-lasting results
  2. 80% of customers found builder gel easy to maintain
  3. 70% of customers were satisfied with the natural-looking finish
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In conclusion, builder gel is a popular technique used in salons to create durable and long-lasting nail extensions. With the right brand, application, and maintenance, customers can enjoy natural-looking nails for up to 3-4 weeks. However, it is essential to choose a skilled technician and consider alternatives to ensure the best results.