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Where to Buy Vegan Beauty Products

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Vegan beauty products are all the rage right now.

So, it’s no surprise that many of us want to go vegan and ditch all animal products from our beauty routines.

Doing this is incredibly difficult because there are so many beauty products out there, made with different ingredients and materials.

How can you find vegan beauty products available or where to buy such products? Keep reading to find out!

Where to Buy Vegan Beauty Products

1. Shop on Etsy for handmade vegan products

Etsy is the place to go if you’re after vegan products made with care by artisans.

Here, you’ll have access to a huge selection of handmade vegan beauty products, and because it’s not as tightly regulated as Amazon or other online marketplaces, Etsy has become a natural home for vegan sellers whose wares may not be available in standard physical stores.

This means that even if you live in a vegan-friendly locale, you may still find unique items on Etsy unique items that you can’t get from your corner store.

And unlike conventional shops and supermarkets, Etsy offers reviews from prior customers to help guide your purchasing decisions.

So go forth and search for vegan makeup, skincare, or hair products—you’re bound to find something ideal for your lifestyle.

2. Shop at Sephora for big-brand vegan beauty products

Sephora is home to over a dozen vegan brands and stocks products from many more.

On the Sephora website, you can browse their vegan shop and find a list of their vegan brands, including some of our top picks: Bite Beauty, Cover FX, Hourglass Cosmetics, and Tarte Cosmetics.

You can also search for specific products on the site to see if they’re certified vegan by clicking on the product page for each item.

Look for the green “vegan” checkmark under “Details”.

As always, remember to double-check ingredients lists when shopping in person in case a formula has changed since it was last verified as vegan by Sephora!

The best way to shop without a list is to visit your local Sephora store with an idea of what kind of products you’re looking to buy, like foundation or mascara.

Many Sephoras have signs displaying which brands are cruelty-free, but few (if any) will indicate which ones are specifically certified vegan.

3. Shop at iHerb for natural, healthy vegan beauty products

With over 30,000 different products shipped directly from their warehouse in California, you can get your hands on everything from all-natural hair care and body products to makeup brushes and other tools.

Plus they offer free shipping on orders over $20 and ship internationally as well.

If that’s not enough of an incentive to shop, they also have a rewards program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend!

4. Shop at Whole Foods or the health section of your grocery store for organic vegan beauty

If you are just beginning your vegan beauty journey, it is a great place to start.

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Whole Foods and other health food stores tend to stock many organic and natural beauty products that are also cruelty-free.

If you do not have access to a Whole Foods or similar store, your local health food store is bound to have at least a small selection of the brands listed above, or vegan options from other brands.

5. Buy from your local farmer’s market for locally-sourced vegan beauty products

For locally-sourced products that are guaranteed to be vegan, try your local farmer’s market.

Farmer’s markets can offer the perfect opportunity to talk to vendors about their products and get a sense of what’s in them before you buy.

Some farmer’s markets have vendors who specialize in vegan beauty products and others have entire sections devoted to beauty products, so make sure you ask if the product is animal-free.

Most Popular Brands of Vegan Beauty Products

The 5 most popular brands of vegan beauty products include:

1. Alba Botanica

Made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing; provides consumers with high-quality, botanically-based personal care products, which are available at mass market retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, and in some international markets.

2. Sappho New Paradigm

The world’s first and only certified organic, vegan non-toxic makeup company; it creates modern formulas that are effective and safe for women, men, and children of all ages as well as the planet by striving to support conscious industry practices free from harm to animals, humans or the environment.

3. Bite Beauty

A Canadian cosmetics brand founded in 2011 by Susanne Langmuir; its products contain food-grade ingredients for beauty that is good enough to eat; cruelty-free and completely gluten-free, Bite is committed to producing high-quality beauty products in Toronto, Canada.

4. Axiology

Handmade in Bali (Indonesia) using organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, and mica pigment; Axiology lipsticks are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny respectively; eco-friendly packaging uses no plastic but only paper boxes made from recycled fibers using an earth-friendly manufacturing process called FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

5. Pacifica Beauty

A family-owned business founded on a love for all things beauty; every product is 100% vegan & cruelty-free because it wouldn’t be meaningful unless it was; all ingredients are carefully selected from companies that do not test on animals nor purchase any animal-derived materials to create their line of natural perfumes, color cosmetics & skincare handcrafted with love & care in small batches daily!

Will Buying Vegan Beauty Products Help Animals?

It’s pretty safe to say that buying vegan beauty products won’t hurt animals.

It may not help them as much as donating directly to an animal rights organization, but you can still feel good about your purchases.

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It’s notable that many organizations advocating for animal welfare or protection also sell vegan skincare and cosmetics.

Buying vegan beauty products is an easy way to help the environment too (if you buy from companies that don’t harm the planet, of course).

Animal agriculture contributes 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions (that’s more than the transportation sector) and uses a lot of water.

That mascara wand wasn’t made from recycled plastic, so it might sit in a landfill for thousands of years before fully breaking down.

Is It Difficult to Find Vegan Beauty Products at Affordable Prices?

Finding an affordable vegan beauty product is not as difficult as you might expect, but you may need to do a bit of digging.

The good news is that there are vegan beauty products available at a wide range of price points.

There are drugstore brands with solid vegan options, like E.L.F and Burt’s Bees (although some of their products contain beeswax), and high-end lines like RMS Beauty and Kat Von D Beauty have completely cruelty-free lines that won’t break the bank (some KVD lipsticks sell for less than $20).

Plus, more and more stores are stocking their shelves with not only cruelty-free items but also specifically vegan ones; Target has even launched its own line of vegan beauty products.

In case you’re still having trouble finding your favorite red lipstick in a formula free of animal ingredients, there’s always the option to buy from a reputable online retailer like Cruelty-Free International or Vegan Cuts’ shop.

Can My Friends Tell if I’m Using Vegan Cosmetics Instead of Regular Ones?

If you’ve tried vegan beauty products before, you know that the quality of these products can vary. Some are better than others and some are even indistinguishable from their non-vegan counterparts.

But what if you try a vegan product that’s a little more expensive or maybe slightly less effective than what you’re used to? Will your friends notice?

The truth is, most people won’t notice any difference between vegan cosmetics and regular ones, especially if they haven’t tried plant-based alternatives themselves.

If you want to make the switch but aren’t sure if your friends will be able to tell the difference, do a little research first to find out whether there’s a vegan alternative for everything in your makeup bag right now.

If there isn’t, it’s time to go on a shopping spree!

But don’t worry; we’ll show you the best places to buy cruelty-free makeup so that you can get the vegan versions of all your favorite products without breaking the bank.

Can You Buy Vegan Beauty Products in Person Instead of Online?

While you can typically find vegan products online, you may be wondering if you can buy them in brick-and-mortar stores.

The answer is, yes! There are quite a few places that offer vegan beauty products at most locations. Here’s a list of some of the best:

  • Ulta
  • Sally Beauty
  • Sephora
  • NYX Cosmetics
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If you’re wondering how to tell if your favorite beauty product is vegan or not, we recommend reading the ingredients label on the box or bottle.

Look for any of the non-vegan ingredients listed here and, if they aren’t listed as an ingredient, then it’s probably safe to say that it’s a vegan product.

If you ever have questions about whether or not something is vegan, remember that you can always contact the company directly to learn more.

How to Make Sure Your Beauty Regimen Is Still Effective When Making the Switch to Vegan Products

One of the best ways to make sure your vegan beauty regimen is as effective as possible is to transition gradually rather than switching up all of your products at once.

This is particularly true for those with sensitive skin, who might experience irritation if they change too much at once.

Think of it this way: Instead of ditching your current skincare routine entirely, start by incorporating vegan products into it.

This will help you determine which ones work well on their own and which ones are better suited for use as a complementary item.

Using vegan products in conjunction with other products that aren’t can be a really good thing, because you’ll get the benefits from both.

For example, adding a vegan serum that’s rich in antioxidants to your moisturizer can help prevent premature aging without introducing any animal-derived ingredients into the mix.

This gradual testing process also makes it easier for you to see how effective [the vegan] product actually is for your skin type since giving it some time will allow you to see how well it works overall and whether or not there are any side effects such as breakouts or allergic reactions associated with using [it].

Do You Need to Change Anything With Your Current Skincare Routine in Order to Use Only Vegan Products?

No, you don’t need to change anything with your current skincare routine in order to use only vegan products!

You can keep using your old products.

If you’re interested in trying vegan beauty products, you are totally welcome to get rid of all non-vegan beauty products and start a new skincare routine.

Or, if it’s not a big deal for you whether or not the product is vegan, feel free to use whatever you want!

Final Thoughts

We have highlighted some of the best places to purchase vegan beauty products, including well-known brands such as Urban Decay and Kat Von D, as well as indie brands within the cruelty-free movement — all online.

We hope this guide helps you on your journey to a cruelty-free cosmetics lifestyle.