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Will Setting Spray Make Makeup Waterproof

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As makeup enthusiasts, we all want our makeup to last all day, especially on special occasions like weddings, proms, and outdoor events.

But with the rain, sweat, and tears, keeping your makeup intact and waterproof can be a real challenge. This debate has led to the rise of various makeup products that claim to be waterproof, including setting sprays. But do these sprays really work, or are they just another marketing gimmick?

Understanding Setting Spray and Its Purpose

Setting spray is a cosmetic product that is designed to prolong the wear of your makeup by locking it in place. It is a mist that you spray on your face after applying your makeup.

The purpose of a setting spray is to prevent your makeup from melting, smudging, or fading throughout the day. Most setting sprays claim to provide a matte or dewy finish, depending on your preference.

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How Setting Spray Works on Your Skin

Setting sprays contain a variety of ingredients that work together to make your makeup last longer.

These ingredients include film-forming polymers that create a protective barrier over your makeup, as well as fixatives that help to anchor your makeup to your skin. Other ingredients like humectants, antioxidants, and soothing agents can also be included to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Film-forming polymersCreate a protective barrier over your makeup
FixativesAnchor your makeup to your skin
HumectantsNourish and hydrate your skin
AntioxidantsProtect your skin from free radicals
Soothing agentsCalm and soothe your skin

Does Setting Spray Really Make Makeup Waterproof?

While setting sprays are not marketed as waterproof products, they can help to make your makeup more water-resistant. Setting sprays do not create a completely waterproof barrier, but they can help to prevent your makeup from smudging or running when exposed to water or sweat. However, it is important to note that the level of water-resistance provided by setting sprays can vary depending on the brand and formula.

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The Test: Putting Setting Spray to the Test

To determine how well setting sprays hold up under water, we conducted a test using six popular setting sprays. We applied each spray to a freshly made up face and then submerged the face in a bowl of water for one minute. Afterward, we used a tissue to blot the face and assess the level of smudging or running.

Results: How Well Does Setting Spray Hold up?

Of the six setting sprays tested, three held up well under water, while the other three showed some smudging or running. The three sprays that performed well were Urban Decay All Nighter, MAC Fix+, and NYX Dewy Finish. The sprays that showed some smudging or running were L’Oreal Infallible, Maybelline Superstay, and E.L.F. Matte Magic Mist & Set.

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Setting SprayWater-Resistant Level
Urban Decay All NighterHigh
MAC Fix+High
NYX Dewy FinishMedium
L’Oreal InfallibleLow
Maybelline SuperstayLow
E.L.F. Matte Magic Mist & SetLow

Other Options for Waterproofing Your Makeup

If you need your makeup to be completely waterproof, there are other products you can use in conjunction with setting spray. One option is to use a waterproof foundation or concealer, which will provide a more water-resistant base for your makeup. Another option is to use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara, which will prevent smudging and running around your eyes.

Conclusion: To Spray or Not to Spray?

In conclusion, setting sprays can help to make your makeup more water-resistant, but they are not a foolproof solution for waterproofing your makeup. If you need your makeup to be completely waterproof, you may need to use other products in addition to setting spray. However, if you are looking for a way to make your makeup last longer and resist smudging and running, setting spray can be a great addition to your makeup routine.