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Can You Mix Benzoyl Peroxide and Tranexamic Acid?

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Benzoyl peroxide and tranexamic acid are two of the most commonly used medications for acne treatment.

Many people wonder if it’s safe to combine them, because both can be very effective in clearing up breakouts.

While the two medications work differently, they’re often prescribed together because they have a synergistic effect on reducing pimples.

However, there are some precautions that you should take when using these two medications together so that you don’t cause any unwelcome side effects.

Can You Mix Benzoyl Peroxide and Tranexamic Acid?

You can mix benzoyl peroxide and tranexamic acid. I would also like to add that it is very important not to use these two products together.

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While the combination of these two products may cause irritation, it does not pose any serious health risks or side effects.

If you are using both of these products at once, then it is possible that one of them will stop working properly because of the other product’s presence in your skincare routine.

How to Use Benzoyl Peroxide and Tranexamic Acid Safely

Here are six steps you should take before using benzoyl peroxide and tranexamic acid:

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1. Read the instructions on the label.

2. Apply a small amount of each product to your face and wait for it to dry before applying another layer.

3. If you are using a combination product, apply only one at a time and wait until that layer dries completely before applying the second product.

4. Don’t use these products more than once every 24 hours unless directed by a doctor or pharmacist.

5. Use an alcohol-free toner after washing your face with these products because alcohol may irritate your skin or cause stinging or burning sensations when applied directly after benzoyl peroxide or tranexamic acid treatment has dried on your skin (unless otherwise directed by your doctor).

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6. Do not use any other topical acne medications while using benzoyl peroxide or tranexamic acid.

Final Thoughts

Actually, you can mix benzoyl peroxide with tranexamic acid.

However, the amount of benzoyl peroxide you mix the acid in should not exceed 10 percent by weight.