Tranexamic Acid

How Often Can You Use Tranexamic Acid Serum?

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Tranexamic Acid Serum is a great product for those who want to make their skin look younger and healthier.

If you do not know much about this product, here are some answers to your questions.

How Often Can You Use Tranexamic Acid Serum?

We know that your skin type is unique and requires different care, which is why we recommend using the serum according to your skin type:

  • If you have sensitive skin, use it every other day.
  • If you have dry skin, use it daily.

When Do You Apply Tranexamic Acid Serum?

You can apply it after cleansing your face, but before applying any kind of moisturizer.

You could also apply it before putting on makeup and then again in the morning or at night after washing your face.

It’s a good idea to leave the serum on for about five minutes before washing it off, though this isn’t necessary if you don’t have time.

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What Does Tranexamic Acid Do to Face?

As an anti-inflammatory agent, tranexamic acid helps reduce redness and swelling associated with acne breakouts.

Because it minimizes inflammation in the skin, you may find that your complexion looks more even after using this product regularly for several weeks or months.

When used on its own or in combination with other topical medications [in a medical environment], tranexamic acid has been shown to have some benefit for treating rosacea as well as reducing symptoms associated with menopause and endometriosis.

Can Tranexamic Be Used Everyday?

You can use tranexamic acid serum every day if you want to.

It is a topical medication that is applied directly to the skin, so it has no systemic side effects or interactions with other medications.

Tranexamic acid serum is best used in the morning and evening because it needs time to absorb into your skin before you go out into the sun or sleep at night.

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Can You Use Tranexamic Acid Every Night?

Yes, it’s safe to use tranexamic acid every night for your skin.

However, you should only be using it every other night for the first week of treatment and then every night for the next two weeks.

If you notice any adverse effects, such as itching or rashes, discontinue use immediately.

Can You Use Tranexamic Acid Under Eyes?

Tranexamic acid serum is not recommended for use under the eyes.

In addition to its low concentration, tranexamic acid can cause irritation, redness, and swelling in this area.

If you have sensitive or reactive skin, it’s also best to avoid using this product on sensitive areas of your face like around your eyes.

Can You Put Tranexamic Acid on Eyelids?

Tranexamic acid is a topical medication that can be used to treat acne and pimples.

It’s also used to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles around the eyes.

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When applied to the eyelids, tranexamic acid softens keratin buildup in the pores of your skin.

This results in less swelling and redness around your eyes and helps you look more refreshed when you wake up!

Does Tranexamic Acid Make Skin Sensitive to Sun?

Tranexamic acid does not make the skin sensitive to sun.

In fact, it has been shown to help protect the skin from sun damage.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: the answer to your question of how often can you use tranexamic acid serum.

The short answer is that you can use it as often as necessary and/or desired.

The longer answer includes some cautions about overuse but otherwise confirms that this product is safe and effective enough to be used daily when necessary.

In fact, we recommend starting off with once a day and working your way up if needed!