Denatured Alcohol

Is Denatured Alcohol Safe for Skin?

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Have you ever heard of denatured alcohol? It may not be the most exciting topic ever, but it is one that I’m hoping to dispel a myth that has been perpetuated by some beauticians with inaccurate information.

If you’re wondering if denatured alcohol is safe for skin, then you’re in luck.

Is Denatured Alcohol Safe for Skin?

Denatured alcohol is safe for the skin as an ingredient in cosmetics and skincare products.

However, you should avoid using denatured alcohol products that are intended for household use.

While the product can be used safely on the skin, it’s so harsh that it can cause irritation, dryness, and redness.

According to cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, denatured alcohol is almost always listed as SD alcohol on cosmetic labels. It’s in a ton of products — many cleansers, toners, and even astringents contain SD alcohol.

In addition to its use in cosmetics, it’s also used in rubbing alcohol and as a fuel additive.

The reason it’s so widely used is simple: Denatured alcohol isn’t regulated by the FDA.

It’s easy to come by and inexpensive to produce, which makes it a popular ingredient for both cosmetic companies and DIYers alike.

According to Robinson, there are better alternatives for drying or thinning cosmetics than denatured alcohol.”

He explains that at high concentrations (like 85%), it’s extremely drying on the skin because it strips the outer layer of the skin.

That’s why it’s not recommended to use pure rubbing alcohol directly on your skin — try using witch hazel instead for DIY toners or astringents.

However, at lower concentrations (like 30%), SD alcohol could be a good choice for oily or acne-prone skin because it can help reduce oil production.

Why Is Denatured Alcohol Used in Cosmetics?

Denatured alcohol is used as a solvent for skin products that contain antioxidants or preservatives.

It also helps to keep lotions from separating and speeds up drying time.

Skin products that contain denatured alcohol include astringents, toners, makeup removers, body lotions, aftershave, and cologne.

How to Safely Use Denatured Alcohol in Your Skincare Routine

There are many ways to use this alcohol in your skincare routine. However, it’s important to know that denatured alcohol can cause dryness and irritation.

Here are tips on how to safely use denatured alcohol in your skincare routine:

Tip 1: use denatured alcohol in your skincare routine.

Tip 2: apply denatured alcohol-based products only once a day.

Tip 3: always wash your hands before applying denatured alcohol-based products.

Tip 4: if you do not know how to apply denatured alcohol-based products, consult a dermatologist.

Tip 5: avoid contacting your eyes with denatured alcohol-based products.

Tip 6: do not use any other skincare products while using denatured alcohol-based products.

Tip 7: do not use any other skincare products while using denatured alcohol-based products.

Tip 8: do not apply too much product at once.

Does Denatured Alcohol Work on All Skin Types?

Yes, it will work on all skin types. However, if you have oily skin, you might need to use it a little more often than the instructions suggest.

Also, if you have sensitive skin, the alcohol may be too strong for you.

How Often Should I Use Denatured Alcohol for Skin Care?

You can use denatured alcohol once a day or up to three times daily.

It’s best to apply it in the morning and evening before bedtime so that your skin has time to absorb all of its beneficial effects overnight (while you’re sleeping).

If using twice per day doesn’t give enough results after one week of use then try using three times each day instead – this should increase effectiveness significantly without increasing any potential side effects from overuse.

How to Make a Homemade Face Toner With Denatured Alcohol

Perhaps you want to avoid the chemicals found in commercial toners, or maybe you just want to save money by making your own products.

Whatever your reason, it is easy to make a homemade face toner that uses denatured alcohol as its key ingredient.

Step 1

Get a small spray bottle.

Step 2

Add one part of denatured alcohol with two parts of purified water.

Step 3

Shake the bottle until the contents are well mixed.

Step 4

Spray the toner on your face and wipe off excess with a cotton ball.

Step 5

Let the toner dry naturally.

Step 6

Tighten your skin by using an ice cube to massage your face for about 15 seconds.

Step 7

Apply your favorite moisturizer after the skin has dried.

Step 8

Perform this routine twice daily to remove oil and tighten pores.

Does Denatured Alcohol Remove Makeup and Clean Pores?

While denatured alcohol can be used as a makeup remover (if used in small amounts), there are many better alternatives.

Denatured alcohol is extremely drying to the skin, and it can also cause irritation.

I would not recommend using it to help with acne or enlarged pores. There are far superior products that can help cleanse the skin without drying it out or causing irritation.

Is Denatured Alcohol Good for Face Masks/scrubs or Toners/treatments?

Denatured alcohol is a solvent and can be used to dissolve things.

If your mask/scrub has ingredients that are not water-soluble then you will need a solvent like denatured alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover) to dissolve those ingredients so they are evenly distributed in the product.

If you are using it for a toner/treatment, I would suggest not using denatured alcohol as it will dry out your skin and make it prone to breakouts and premature aging.

You can do a simple test yourself. Take two cotton balls or cotton squares and add some denatured alcohol to it.

Now put one cotton ball on your face and leave it there for about 10 mins. After 10 minutes observe your skin for oiliness or dryness.

Repeat with the second cotton ball but this time uses plain water instead of denatured alcohol.

If your skin feels oilier after the application of water then it suggests that your skin is dehydrated and therefore needs more moisture (for example if you have oily skin).

If you feel that your skin feels oilier after denatured alcohol application then it means your skin is naturally oily and will benefit from using a toner or treatment.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin With Denatured Alcohol

Follow the steps below to get rid of dry skin with denatured alcohol:

Step 1

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Use warm water instead of hot.

Avoid scrubbing your face, which is more likely to irritate dry skin.

Step 2

Pat your face dry and apply a moisturizing lotion or cream to your clean face.

Step 3

Put 1/2 cup of denatured alcohol into a spray bottle or container with a tight fitting lid.

Pour it through a funnel if you want to avoid spills.

Step 4

Add 1 tbsp. of distilled water to the denatured alcohol in the spray bottle or container, put the lid on and shake it thoroughly to mix them together.

This will dilute the strength of the denatured alcohol so that it doesn’t irritate your skin as much when you apply it to your face.

Step 5

Spray or rub enough of the mixture onto your skin to cover it completely and then let it sit on your face for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water and patting your face dry again.

Use this procedure twice each day, once in the morning and once at night, until you see an improvement in your dry skin condition.

Benefits of Denatured Alcohol on Your Skin

The following are some benefits of denatured alcohol on your skin:

1. Prevents Acne Breakouts

Denatured alcohol is known to be a good acne fighter. It helps in controlling sebum production, which is known as the leading cause of acne.

A lot of people have reported that it also prevents and controls breakouts.

However, if you are suffering from very severe acne, then you should consult a dermatologist prior to using this remedy.

2. Eliminates Body Odor

This is a very common use of denatured alcohol. It will kill the bacteria responsible for body odor and allow you to feel fresh all day long.

3. Controls Excessive Sweating

If you sweat more than usual and it causes embarrassment, then this remedy will help you deal with the problem.

Apply some denatured alcohol on your body after a bath to stop sweating for a few hours.

4. Anti-Aging Agent

Denatured alcohol is effective in preventing premature aging caused by free radicals present in the environment.

It can effectively fight against these free radicals and slow down the aging process.

You can apply it directly or mix it with vitamin E oil to rejuvenate skin cells and keep your skin young-looking for a long time.

5. Oily skin

For oily skin, denatured alcohol helps to control the oil secretion of sebaceous glands and hence helps in controlling oily skin.

6. Blemishes & Blackheads

Denatured alcohol helps in drying out the blackheads and blemishes on the face.

7. Pimples & Whiteheads

It cleans out whiteheads & pimples effectively and dries them up fast. Also, it kills the bacteria that causes these spots on your face.

Final Thoughts

Is undenatured alcohol safe for skin? Overall, the research seems to indicate that yes, it is.

But like anything else, excess amounts can cause issues.

If you have sensitive skin or you’re concerned about harsh chemicals on your skin, then denatured alcohol may not be right for you.

But otherwise, if you see it as a mild cleanser and deodorizer rather than a heavily moisturizing agent, then it’s a safe option with few (if any) downsides.