How to Use NYX Eyebrow Gel

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Whether you’re just starting out with your brows or you’ve been in the game for years, chances are you’ve at least heard of NYX eyebrow gel.

But if you’re not sure how to use it, here’s a quick guide on the best ways to apply it and why everyone is talking about this product!

1. Make sure your eyebrows are clean before you apply the gel

Make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry before you apply the gel.

Use a cotton swab to clean off any excess product if needed.

2. Use an angled brush to apply the gel

To fill in any sparse areas or gaps in your brows, use an angled brush to apply the gel in small circular motions.

Be careful not to apply too much product at once, as it can be hard to blend if you do!

3. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the gel

Make sure you don’t go overboard with the gel—it can build up quickly, so wipe off any excess product with a tissue or cloth before it dries completely.

Several times during application, use your finger to wipe off any excess product around the eyebrows.

This prevents the gel from getting caked into your skin, which could cause irritation and breakouts.

4. Don’t forget that eyebrows need love too!

Don’t forget that eyebrows need love too!

You should treat them like any other part of your hair; wash them every day with a gentle shampoo, comb them through with a wide-toothed comb after each shower/bath (if needed), and brush them out regularly.

This will make them healthier and easier to manage over time!

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Brushing your eyebrows helps remove dirt from the roots of your hairs as well as stimulate growth by removing dead skin cells that may be blocking the follicles from receiving oxygen, which helps with growth.

It can also keep stray hairs in place and hold a style longer than hairspray or gel would alone!

What are the benefits of using NYX eyebrow gel?

Using NYX eyebrow gel can offer these benefits:

  • Increased thickness and color

The product will give your brows more volume and definition, giving you a more pronounced appearance.

It also helps keep those pesky stray hairs in place!

  • Longer lasting results

Eyebrow gels are great if you want your eyebrows to last all day or night without reapplying makeup every few hours like with traditional pencils or powders; this means less time spent on grooming brows and more time focusing on other things!

Do you need to use a primer with NYX eyebrow gel?

If you’re using a light-colored eyebrow gel, then yes—I do recommend that you use a primer with it.

Primers help the gel stick to your skin better and last longer.

It also helps give a more natural look to your brows when blending in the product.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, I suggest using an eyeliner pencil or a highlighter color underneath your eyebrows before applying NYX Gel Eyebrow Mascara (I use the shade Dark Brown).

What is the best way to apply NYX eyebrow gel?

  • Use an angled brush.
  • Apply in small circular motions.
  • Don’t go overboard with the gel; a little goes a long way! Too much gel will make your brows look clumpy and uneven, so apply only to the small triangle at the beginning of your brows and work from there.
  • Make sure you don’t apply too much—it’s easy to get carried away when using this product!
  • You want natural-looking eyebrows that look good for an all-day wear, not something that looks like it was drawn on with a Sharpie pen!
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Do you need to clean your brush after applying NYX eyebrow gel?

You don’t have to clean the brush after each use, but it’s a good idea.

You can use mild soap or cleanser to clean the brush and then rinse and dry the brush before storing it away.

If you store your makeup brushes with other products in a hot place, like in an enclosed container on top of your stove or next to a heater vent, you risk melting off some of the hairs from your brushes which will affect how well they perform when you go back to using them later on down the line.

Also, don’t share your NYX Eyebrow Gel brush with anyone else—you don’t want them carrying around any germs that might be lurking around in their face!

Can I use my fingers instead of a brush when applying NYX eyebrow gel?

Yes, you can apply NYX eyebrow gel with your fingers.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to go this route.

First of all, it will be more difficult to get an even application with your fingers as opposed to a brush because your fingertips don’t have the same shape as a brush.

This means that some areas will end up looking lighter or darker than others if you’re not careful about how much product you use on each section of the eyebrows.

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Secondly, you may need to use more product when using your fingers than when using a brush because there’s less control over how much comes off onto the brush and then onto the skin (especially since brushes typically have flat tips).

If this is true for you and/or if your skin type does not work well with strong hold products like gels or pomades (for example oily), then I would recommend sticking to using a good quality spoolie (like this one) instead of trying out another option such as finger application!

Finally and most importantly you should wash off any excess product before wiping down with cotton pads (which are included in our kit).

Are there any alternatives to using a brush when applying NYX eyebrow gel?

  • You can use your fingers to apply the gel.
  • You can use a makeup sponge.
  • If you don’t have any of these around, you can even use a Q-tip!

Does NYX eyebrow gel come in different shades?

You can find NYX eyebrow gel in two shades: light brown and dark brown.

Both of these shades are suitable for most skin tones, but the light brown shade might also be suitable for blondes who have a cool undertone to their skin.

The dark brown shade is also suitable for brunettes with warm undertones.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re a beauty newbie, there’s no reason why you can’t rock the perfect brows.

It’s all about finding the right tools and products that work for your specific needs, so experiment with different options until you find what works best!